Magic items are arriving in Clash Royale

What's in store for the players?

Amongst the news today comes the big announcement for Clash Royale players as the developers have officially confirmed in a video that Magic Items would be featured in the game from April 1st, 2021.  The magic items are in-game items to help players upgrade their cards faster than normal and would serve as a gateway to upgrade things quickly. Already existing in Supercell’s other strategy game Clash of Clans, they are an important feature in the game and could be seen as the same too in Clash Royale. As of now, not much information is available on the new feature.

What are Magic Items?

Magic items are already a pivotal feature in supercell’s highly popular mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans. Normally a player can find these items stored inside their Town Hall or their Builder Hall. These magic items have several uses. Most notably they provide boosts to the players’ troops, buildings, and other units. This helps give the player a good edge in a tight battle. Magic items are also very important in production and have the ability to provide upgrades to the player. Also, some items can instantly finish a particular upgrade or such.

Another big advantage of having a magic item is that it cannot be stolen by an enemy player and this is one of the reasons it is highly popular among both veteran and rookie Clash of Clans players alike. Moreover, if a player has a magic item that is unused, they can sell it for gems, which is the currency used in-game. There a total of 24 different types of magic items in Clash of Clans and each type has its own subcategory. Every magic item has its own perks and traits.

Magic items in Clash Royale

After much speculation, Supercell has cleared all the doubts over the new Magic Items coming with the new update. The update will launch on April 5th with the new magic items coming over in Chests, Trophy Road, Season Pass, and the Shop. As such, the reception to the announcement has been highly positive. Clash Royale has seen a decline in players over recent months so perhaps introducing new features such as magic items could be key in extending the games’ life cycle and attracting new players.

Let’s take a detailed look on the magic items arriving in-game,

Wild Cards

Wild Cards are used to level up your cards faster. You can choose which card and of the rarity, you want to level up. They come in all four types of rarities in Clash Royale namely Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Wild Cards. It helps to convert into any card of the same rarity that you have unlocked.

Clash Royale Magic Items

Inventory Cap

  • If a player is near his/her storage cap and collects a stack of Wild Cards, he/she can collect the wild cards over their storage cap.
  • If a player has maxed his/her inventory and collects a stack of Wild Cards, then the cards will be automatically converted to a random card of the same rarity.
  • If that random card is already maxed, then the player will receive the  Gold equivalent, similar to how it is now when the player receives cards for any of their maxed cards.

Book of Cards

The Book of Cards is available in all rarities. You can use it to instantly fill up all remaining cards required to the next upgrade level. The book’s maximum value is when you upgrade cards from Level 12 to Level 13, especially when you have just upgraded the card to Level 12 and want to upgrade to Level 13 instantly.

Clash Royale Magic Items

Inventory Cap

  • Books have maximum inventory storage of 1.
  • If you try to collect a Book and you are over the limit, you’ll get a Warning Dialog.
  • If you proceed, your book will be converted to its overflow value.
  • All the books give 100 Gem for overflows.

Book of Books

The ability of this book is that it can level up the progress of any card, be it of any rarity. Having the same function as all the other books, it has the speciality of upgrading the level of any rarity of cards. The Book of Books holds a maximum value of 400,000 Gold, so it is advised to plan out your resources carefully.

Chest Key

Chest Key

Chest Keys will open any Chest at an instant that is in your Chest Slot. It is used to instantly open a chest present in your slot instead of having to wait out the timer.

Magic Coin

Magic Coin

Magic Coins basically gives you the upgrade cost of a card for free. It basically fills up the entire Gold required to upgrade to the next level thereby without using any of your actual Gold. Its most efficient use is in upgrading cards from Level 12 to Level 13.

Where to find the Magic Items in Clash Royale

Magic items can be purchased from the Shop. In the game they can be found in Chests, the Pass Royale, where users can get with both Free and the Paid sections, Special Challenges and Global Tournaments, the Trophy Road.

  • Remember that Wild cards will be the only Magic Items that are available in chests.
  • Along with the update, everyone will receive a Book of Books for Free.
  • After launch, the Book of Books will be exclusive to Pass Royale and will not be available in offers.

Finally, Magic Items in Clash Royale can be termed as something that is Supercell’s first step to streamline player progression for everyone. It may not be the most exciting news for players who already have maxed accounts, but remember that players thriving is what drives new in-game content for everyone. The best new content is the content that everyone can enjoy.

What is your opinion on Clash Royale introducing Magic Items in the game? Mention it in the comment section below!

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