Brawl Stars fan TrollMarauder has reached Legendary League from 30 accounts, Reddit amazed by his milestone

An avid Brawl Stars fan named TrollMarauder came up to Reddit and shocked the community by reaching the Legendary III League from 30 different accounts. Many people have expressed their reactions to this crazy feat, and the comments are overflown with mixed reactions. The fan has been pretty active on Reddit and has shared the hardships he had gone through while achieving this milestone.

Brawl Stars: TrollMarauder and his record milestone to reach Legendary League

The hot topic of the Brawl Stars community on Reddit is the feat achieved by TrollMarauder. He has hit the Legendary League in 30 different accounts. It seems to be pretty evident that he has shed a lot of sweat in the process.

Going by his posts, TrollMarauder is said to have played the game for at least 4 hours a day and it took him about 3 months to reach his target. For a fact, he still cannot believe what he had just accomplished, as he is as surprised as we are.

Brawl Stars TrollMarauder fan Legendary League
Image via Reddit

In his posts on Reddit, TrollMarauder has shared a few tricks he used to reach the milestone. More importantly, he mentioned that he had faced a lot of mental battles, more than he has ever done anything else for the game. He also requested to avoid copying what he did, as it drains one’s health and they won’t have any free time to focus on their personal life. 

Final Thoughts

Reaching all the way up to Legendary League is certainly a tough task, but TrollMarauder has made such a ridiculous task look so simple to our eyes, that too with 30 accounts all by himself! Although his unbelievable record is a notable one, it is not advised for players to repeat the same. Given that he has gone through mental struggles in order to make history, it is only sensible to appreciate the fan rather than trying to beat his record.

What are your thoughts on TrollMarauder, a Brawl Stars fan who has reached Legendary League from 30 different accounts in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kevin Fever

This record is hard to beat. I have to congratulate.

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