Clash Royale: Fans outrage on Level 14 update, Supercell apologizes and provides fix

Buttongate and the Slash Royale fiasco adds to the fans' displeasure

Clash Royale, the real-time strategy game developed by the Finnish developer Supercell finds itself in a muddle following the announcement of the Level 14 update. The changes in Level 14 have not fared well with the players of Clash Royale and the community has been vocal about their outrage on various social media platforms. 

The change comes 5 years into the game’s life and has been severely criticized for being a move that negatively affects the f2p player base as it makes it even more difficult for gamers to progress in the game since now more resources will be needed for upgrading cards and tower level.

Though the game is going strong with it amassing $42.5 million in June 2021, the players have been calling for an update that introduces fresh elements to the game to the experience enriching and stops it from becoming stale.

Fans outrage grows over lack of content

While the developers have done well by adding new cards and magic items there have been no new game modes for a long time and the challenges are just repeats of previous iterations. The lack of variety of game modes, monotonous ladder battles, and no monthly balance changes has led to content burnout.

Parallels to Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans, other games developed by Supercell show how both have done well in comparison by adding new content to keep the players engaged.

Clan Wars 2 Failure 

The backlash is on the back of various gripes that players have pointed over time and the player’s frustration has reached the boiling point. Clan Wars 2, which was touted to be the next big thing in Clash Royale’s future failed miserably to gather fans’ attention and has caused severe burnout due to the need to play multiple times to be able to get rewards.

Clash Royale Clan Wars 2

Clan Wars 2 also made the game tilt more towards being a pay-to-win affair since it lacked a level cap. The resources needed to upgrade multiple decks are too big and the f2p players faced the brunt since in duels same cards can’t be used in different decks. What players were facing on the ladder by facing over-leveled decks now they also faced in Clan Wars.

The trouble did not end here as a change in layout lead to a lot of players accidentally buying and using gems. The scandal aptly named Buttongate made Supercell come across as a cash-grabbing company. All this led to players boycotting Royale Pass in a collective effort to draw the developer’s attention.

Slash Royale Controversy

The final nail in the coffin has been the recently added event Slash Royale which gives players the opportunity to earn gold and upgrade costs at a 50% discount. While the event did well by giving Gold and helping players to increase the level of more cards which would in turn help players fare better in clan wars as well as the ability to have more decks to play on the ladder.

The shock came to players when Level 14 tower and cards were announced which revealed that players with cards at the max level would be at a disadvantage due to the fact that they would potentially be using more cards for upgrading and losing progress in return for a small amount of gold, which had been explained thoroughly in the Reddit post below.

Another point of contention is the fact that Level 14 would require over the current gold cap of 5 million which means even the small amount of players who have reached the limit would be at a loss. 

Clash Royale level 14 update: Community outrage

All the build-up led to the community being enraged and venting their anger on social media calling for the boycott of the Season pass and some even went as far as to rate 1 star on Play store and App store.

Supercell’s response

The problem with the original plan of Level 14 was that it punished players who choose to upgrade cards as their progression would be less than a player who didn’t bother to do so. 

Clash Royale’s community manager Rick posted an apology on Twitter which also includes a link to a detailed Reddit post that explains the situation which lead to the unintentional mistake and also compensates for the loss the players would face after the update. In fact, Supercell has decided to compensate for the expenses for all players that have upgraded cards from 11 to 13 retroactively and even addressed the problem with star points.

What are your thoughts about the Clash Royale level 14 updates and the fans’ outrage? Let us know in the comment section below!

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