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Fortnite x Zero War #5 cover reveals the final war between Imagined Order vs Marvel and The Seven

Sit back and watch the epic war!

The community of Fortnite has a close bond with the game because of the ever-exciting storyline. Epic Games never miss adding a story behind everything they add to the game to provide a sense of belonging to the loopers. So far we all saw a decent amount of Fortnite crossovers with Marvel. This crossover itself has a huge plot behind it, which the loopers are very aware of. The heroes and villains of both Marvel and Fortnite combat against each other for the hunt of Zero Shard in the Zero War comic series.

Last week the loopers got the first issue which made them even more impatient for the epic finale. This Zero War series is a #5 issue comic series which is written by Christos Gage and Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard. Unlike the first comic book, this issue will provide loopers with in-game rewards along with a surprise reward provided they own all the 5 issues.

Though, the storyline of this comic is very cliché, including the heroes searching for a fragment that has entered the Marvel universe from Zero point before the villains get their hand on it. A cover is released which depicts the series finale which goes a bit off track from the original story.

The final battle is revealed on the cover of Fortnite x Zero War issue #5

The Fortnite community is going wild, while the comic series adds to the impatience of the loopers about the finale. Loopers all across the globe are speculating the end, making up their fan fics, and guessing who is going to rule the island now. The latest cover of issue #5 has given a bit of an idea of what to expect in it. The cover depicts a mix of marvel heroes and the Seven V/S imagined order forces and Marvel villains.

This cover rose a chain of communication among the fans of both the franchise, where everyone is speculating about the epic war. The second issue will arrive on July 13, which promises an Iron Man-based reward. So make sure to get Fortnite Marvel Zero War issue #2. More issues will get released as the season proceeds.

What are your thoughts on the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comic #5 issue cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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