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Genshin Impact fan creates stunning real-life Noelle Armor parts

One of the most vital components of Genshin Impact is character design, and one fan is creating a fantastic real-life recreation of Noelle's armor!

Genshin Impact has amassed a large and devoted fan base that increases with each new update, and a fan has created a Noelle armor part that is stunning. Players begin their voyage in the well-known location of Mondstadt, but it’s not long until they’re off to the Geo-themed Liyue region. Each region also provides its unique characters and artifacts, providing fans with even more material to work to savour. Genshin Impact enthusiasts frequently try to imitate in-game characters and things due to their distinct character designs.

Noelle’s Armor is entirely made of foam

Characters are arguably the most significant asset in Genshin Impact, as a gripping storyline continually surrounds them. A recent post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit displayed a real-life duplicate of Noelle’s armor. rianow, a Reddit user, is known for creating stuff from games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Genshin Impact. The whole set was made out of foam, according to the creator.

The community has reacted well to the fan-made armor, with the post receiving almost 5,000 upvotes. Aside from the high craftsmanship, fans adore the replica because it belongs to Noelle, a fan favorite Genshin Impact character. She is a Geo Claymore figure who is occasionally a member of the popular Geo party, including other Geo Claymore characters like Itto.

Fan creates Noelle Armor
Image via Reddit

Even while slamming into a throng of adversaries and wielding her weapon will get the job done, Noelle’s arsenal has some complexity. Her kit is based on her elemental talent, Breastplate, which offers a powerful shield that it can pass to other characters.

Therefore, she is best suited for the support role. Because she’s a four-star Genshin Impact character, players should attempt to obtain her first constellation, and I Got Your Back, which considerably improves the shield’s healing.

Noelle’s finest claymore is arguably Skyward Pride, one of the most powerful Genshin Impact weapons, which improves the physical damage all around. On the other hand, players that utilize Noelle as a supporting character should equip this uncommon weapon to their main DPS character. The Whiteblind is an excellent choice for her support build because it boosts her defensive stats. For more information on Noelle, check out our guide on her.

What is your opinion on the Noelle Armor created by the Genshin Impact fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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