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Genshin Impact fan in Brazil creates a fantastic sand Paimon statue

Beloved Genshin companion is being cherished, and not as an emergency food!

Paimon is an NPC in Genshin Impact who serves as the Traveler’s guide during their journey in Teyvat. She encountered the Traveler after being rescued from a lake, where she claims she would have drowned if it weren’t for the Traveler’s intervention. She is presently the mascot for Genshin Impact and can be found on the app, website, Twitter, and social media icons. An intriguing Genshin Impact fan-made Sand statue starring the popular character Paimon has taken over the game’s community.

The sand Paimon statue has been created with much attention to detail by the fan

The intricately made sand Paimon statue has been created by a Genshin Impact fan in Brazil, which was reported by Reddit user Hound1080. Many people are surprised by the quality, and many are amazed by the Crown piece, which leaves them wondering how it was designed to keep intact while being made of sand.

While many mocked the fact that Brazil is built differently, now they are the ones who are interested in learning more about how it was done.

Paimon continues to be a favourite among Genshin Impact players

Paimon a.k.a “Emergency Food”, also known as White Fur, is a lovable character. Despite appearing in a demonology grimoire, “Paimon” is one of the nine kings of Hell in Solomon’s Lesser Key. People often create great fan art of her, and many of them are exquisitely beautiful.

Albedo and the Traveler chose to exhibit their creative abilities through paintings in the second half of Shadows Amidst Snowstorms, which is in the 2.3 event. The Travelers’ canvas, which used Paimon as a reference, resulted in a fairly hilarious artwork for the majority of the community.

genshin impact paimon painting
Image via miHoYo

Albedo, on the other hand, stepped into portraying Paimon on the canvas and produced a work of art as a consequence. Unless the Traveler improves Paimon’s art quality, the emergency food will go, leaving them in a hazardous predicament. Players dropping in the game are astounded by the painting’s beauty. Meanwhile, the painting was given out to players and can be viewed in their serenity pot.

What are your thoughts on the sand Paimon statue created by the Genshin Impact fan from Brazil? Let us know in the comments below!

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