Minecraft fan recreates the iconic Snake game using Redstone

And the best Redstone Engineer Award of the year goes to…!

We’re back at it again with cool and awesome Minecraft builds. This time around, a passionate Redstone engineer has made use of the creative tools provided by the game to recreate one of the most iconic games, Snake, which you might remember playing on your unbreakable Nokia, in the world of Minecraft. 

u/mattbatwings, the creator of the build and a Reddit user, posted his marvelous build on multiple forums, showcasing his project, which involved the use of tons of Redstone to recreate Snake, the classic game where players are in control of a pixelated snake chasing after apples and growing longer with every bite.

In the build, players control the Snake by stepping on any of four pressure plates, which controls the Snake. They also posted the process of construction on YouTube, along with a world download on Planet Minecraft. 

Minecraft player has also created several other builds, including Flappy Birds and Wordle

While this build in itself is really impressive, what is even more impressive is the creator’s brilliance and mastery over this aspect of the game. They’ve managed to create a 3D Renderer in the game, another contraption that transmits images, A Multi-Line Renderer, the game of 2048 in Minecraft, Flappy Birds, again using Redstone, Wordle, and much more. 

We truly have found a builder who can be labeled as a genius considering all these feats of sheer intelligence, understanding of the game, and dedication. While the Minecraft community is incredibly talented, such amazing skills stand out. 

While this build is remarkable, some other builds worth checking out include a Redstone-based rendition of Toto’s Africa, extremely majestic Pyramids, a recreation of Valorant, an ice boat track spanning across dimensions, an abandoned city, Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle, One Piece’s Onigashima, Doctor Who’s Planet Gallifrey, the entire Milky Way galaxy, Creepers celebrating the festival of Christmas with Santa Caps and beards, several recreations from Mario’s universe and Bloodborne’s Yharnam.

What are your thoughts as a player recreating the iconic Snake game in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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