Minecraft fan creates an abandoned city in the game

Some serious Apocalypse aesthetics with this one!

After the hyper-realistic city of New Austinia in Minecraft, we now have an abandoned ghastly city, created by Reddit user u/__Viator__, who uploaded his build onto the platform and then went on to gain upwards of twenty-five thousand upvotes at the time of writing. 

Players can explore tilted buildings, underground civilizations, and a lot more in the city

This build shows off a bunch of badly dilapidated buildings, some of which are missing large chunks or just tipped over, making the pictures and video of the build look like something straight out of an apocalyptic scenario. There are ruins of older structures, flooded interiors, dark and dingy corners, and then some extra visual magic to make the build look better with OptiFine and Nostalgia Shader. 

Many users pointed out how the build seems to resemble NieR: Automata’s City Ruins or scenes from The Last of Us games however everyone seems to have their speculation for the source of inspiration. This whole build of course is a stark contrast to the modern and luxurious city of New Austinia.

Additionally, it seems like there’s even something of an underground civilization under the broken-down buildings. In case you found this build interesting and want to try it for yourself then the world is up for download over at Planet Minecraft

Minecraft Abandoned City
Image via Reddit

Aside from this, there are older builds too which seem to showcase the best of Minecraft’s freedom for creativity. So far, we’ve seen Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle, Axolotls represented as Pokemon, One Piece’s Onigashima, Doctor Who’s Planet Gallifrey, the entire Milky Way galaxy, Creepers celebrating the festival of Christmas with Santa Caps and beards, several recreations from Mario’s universe, Bloodborne’s dark and gaunt Yharnam and these are just a few examples. 

What are your thoughts as a Minecraft player creates an abandoned city in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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