Mrwhosetheboss reveals his all time favourite mobile game

A strategic pick!

In his latest video, Mrwhosetheboss enthusiastically unveils his ultimate pick for his all-time favorite mobile game. You might be having running speculations as you read this, and might pick some top-grossing and industry headliners for the same, but it is eventually revealed to be the strategy tower defense game Bloons TD 6.

Mrwhosetheboss reveals consuming Bloons TD 6 content to relax

A lot of people in the mobile community might be familiar with MrWhosetheboss aka Arun Maini, a renowned YouTuber celebrated for his insightful tech reviews, who boasts an impressive subscriber count exceeding 16 million on his channel. In his most recent video, he deviates from his typical tech review content and offers viewers an intimate glimpse into his personal life where he presented a collection of 60 facts about himself, personally shared by him.

Bloons TD 6 Game Cover, Bloons TD 6 netflix
Image via Ninja Kiwi

As mobile gaming enthusiasts, we were interested in the particular fact he shared, about his favorite mobile game. He revealed Bloons TD 6 to be by far his favorite mobile game. He reveals his love for the strategy from Tower Defense titles, and the process of decision-making and upgrading of forces is something he enjoys.

Additionally, he revealed that a significant portion of the YouTube content he enjoys unwinding with revolves around Bloons TD 6. This shows how he enjoys not only playing but also consuming content on the game. You can see him mention and talk about the game in Fact number 21. Without a doubt, Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons TD 6 is one of the best tower defense games available on mobile.

Given its fun take on the tower defense genre, its perfect balance of challenge and fun sets it apart, keeping the players hooked on the game for a longer period of time. Given these remarkable attributes, it’s hardly surprising that this game holds a special place in the heart of the YouTuber.

What are your thoughts on the recent video of Mrwhosetheboss picking Bloons TD6 as his favourite mobile game? What is your personal preference? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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