Bigetron Infinity dominates as the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason Indonesia champions

Bigetron Infinity takes the crown in Indonesia

After ThailandTaiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia, the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason kicked off once again and the champions of Indonesia were concluded on March 21st, 2021, with Bigetron Infinity winning the tournament. The Indonesian esports team maintained an unbeaten run as they went on to win every game in this tournament. Bigetron Infinity is an Indonesian Wild Rift team under Bigetron esports, a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia.

Bigetron Infinity won against MORPH Team on a 4-0 scoreline and took home a prize pool of $2,500. Meanwhile, MORPH Team took home $1,250 for finishing second. Victim esports and Onic esports won $750 and $500 respectively. Other teams from notable organizations can be seen on the region’s tournament as well such as Alter Ego and Onic Esports.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason Indonesia Finals: As it happened

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason Indonesia champions
Bigetron Infinty maintained an unbeaten run in the tournament

Compared to the other regions, the top picks were Kaisa, CorkiBraum, Fiora, and Vi. Moreover, there were many unexpected things that happened in the region’s finals that weren’t seen in other regions.

Game 1

Coming into the first game of the finals, MORPH Team drafted an unusual team composition with no Marksman. Instead, they put an Orianna in the Dragon lane along with champions like Yasuo, Alistar, Wukong, and Darius. From the look of the draft alone, it can be easily noticed what the purpose of the draft was, strong team fights.

However, after losing two consecutive team fights from MORPH Team’s strong team fight draft, Bigetron came up with a solution– a 3-2 position. This position was simply Falp1’s Camille and Nuts’ Zed isolated from the team. Take note, Bigetron didn’t have any objective this game but turrets. So, how did they win the game?

It was simple, Bigetron didn’t fight them 5 v 5. Instead, They opted for a 3 v 4 and 2 v 1 situation, and it worked beautifully for them. Dewa’s Corki along with Harry and Control was able to hold the fights just fine. However, Nuts and Falp1 has put so much pressure on the lanes the whole game and were still able to join the team fights at the right timing. With the lanes fully pressured, MORPH Team couldn’t keep up and Bigetron ended the game with a backdoor from Nuts and Falp1.

Game 2

Going into the second game, Bigetron started the game with a 1-3-1 rotation which was first displayed by Nexplay Esports, champions from the Philippines. The 1-3-1 rotation consists of the dragon laner and support on the midlane while the Midlaner is put on the dragon lane instead. With the rotation, they were able to invade the MORPH Team’s bottom side of the map resulting in a First Blood and a Red Buff steal in favor of Bigetron.

Additionally, they were able to plant wards all over MORPH Team’s jungle as well which resulted in Bigetron’s early game dominance by doing the same strategy again and again.

From there, Bigetron pretty much snowballed and MORPH Team couldn’t do anything about it. They were able to come into Dragon fights and get a couple of turrets, but they still lost the teamfights and the Dragons. It was a very dominant game from Bigetron.

Game 3

On the third game of the series, Bigetron came big again with the same strategy from Game 2. They were able to get First Blood, however, the tempo of their game fell flat when their second invade failed in the 2nd minute of the game. MORPH Team was able to capitalize on Bigetron’s mistake and get the first turret of the game.

However, MORPH Team lost their lead from a bad teamfight on the First Dragon of the game. From there, Bigetron once again snowballed and dominate the game.

Game 4

Going into the last game of the series, MORPH Team has come up with a solution to Bigetron’s 1-3-1 rotation, by copying it. However, it was not enough since Bigetron still deemed successful after winning an invade on the MORPH Team’s jungler resulting in a First Blood.

Moreover, Bigetron kept pressuring MORPH Team’s jungler by constantly showing up on MO7A’s camps with Henry’s Orianna even stealing a Gromp. Again, Bigetron invaded the MORPH team’s bottom side jungler which resulted in 3 kills of the members. This strong early lead gave a huge advantage as they took an easy take on the first Dragon and first Turret.

From there, Bigetron kept applying the same strategy and kept on shoving the lanes and grouping up winning every team fight and getting all the objectives. MORPH Team couldn’t keep up and had to lose the game.

Final Thoughts

From a viewer’s perspective, this series was very fun to watch. But from MORPH Team’s perspective, it’s obvious to say that it was not. Bigetron kept the pressure on MOPRH Team in most games and even outsmarted them in Game 1. However, we can’t deny the fact that MORPH Team had a good run but someone just had to win and it was Bigetron Infinity.

The games were streamed on Youtube for those who want to watch the replay of the games. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming continuation of the tournament in the last region remaining in this tournament – Singapore! Support the team on the upcoming Summer Season of the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series along with the other regions champions like RSG and Geek Fam, Invate Esports, Flash Wolves, and Nexplay Esports!

What are your thoughts on Bigetron Infinity becoming the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason Indonesia champions? Do let us know in the comments below.

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