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Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship 2022: Activision faces backlash as players face technical issues in participating

Several teams and players lashed at Activision on the issue!

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 took an unexpected turn of events as a lot of players complain about linking issues from their account to GameBattles. GameBattles is an online service run for hosting tournaments and is handling the registrations for Stage 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship ever since 2020. In this article, we will tell you everything about Stage 3 of the World Championship, and what some notable names had to say about these issues. 

Players faced issues during stage 3 of Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship

On the last day of stage 3 registrations, many players received a mail from GameBattles asking them to link their Activision accounts to the website. The mail also stated that no changes could be made to the roster and a team that participates in Stage 3 must have the same set of players that played in Stage 2. Teams that have made changes to their roster would directly be termed ineligible.

This came as a surprise to many players as most of them were already having trouble linking to the website. And apart from this, they now also had to find a solution for the roster fix issue. This rule was implemented only on the last day, which is too late for a change.

This became a major concern for many top Esports teams in India and LATAM, as the issue mostly affected teams from these regions. Popular teams like GodLike, Revenant Esports, and other lesser-known teams that qualified from Stage 2 of the Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship became a victim of this. The IGL of GodLike, Learn had his say as he talks about the issue he was facing, and that his team was in constant talks with the GameBattles support regarding the same.

Image Blaines, the coach of the Eastern and Western champions in Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship 2021 – Blacklist International Ultimate and Tribe Gaming, currently coaches Revenant Esports and he lashed out at the management team for making things worse for the teams. After several tweets and mentions, the official handle of Call of Duty: Mobile came up on Twitter suggesting players contact the GameBattles support and provided the required contact info for the same, as they are the only ones that can resolve the issues.

Activision has always paid less attention to the talent in several regions including India and Africa

Activision has always ignored regions that contain a lot of talents such as India, OCE, and Africa ever since their first-ever World Championship on mobile. Indian teams at least had been given opportunities to prove themselves, but countries from the other two regions have never even been included in the Eligible countries list.

Teams from these regions perform exceptionally well in major events hosted by third-party organizers and knock on Activision’s door now and then, only to realize they are going to be ignored.  When the list of eligible countries allowed to participate in the Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship 2022 was out, it was observed that countries from the Middle East were removed as well. This didn’t go down well with the Middle Eastern players, but sad to say that they really cannot do anything about it.  

Present Status of Stage 3 in Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship 

Stage 3 of the Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship will begin on the 18th of June, 2022 for India and LATAM. The brackets were made public to view a day before the commencement of Stage 3 and they can be found here. Until last year, GameBattles used to provide the registered players with a unique code that would be used to participate in Stage 3 matches. But due to a fresh new system implemented this year, many players found issues in the website, thus resulting in only 50 teams participating from India this year, out of the 256 teams that qualified from Stage 2 of the Call of Duty Mobile: World Championship, in India.

Final Thoughts

Things don’t seem to be going well on the Esports side of Call of Duty: Mobile. The scene has already been stale in many regions, and now this only adds fuel to the fire. After receiving the mail, many players went to social media to share their disappointment, not knowing if they would even get to play in the next stage of the World Championship after several months of hard work put in to stand where they are currently. This has disturbed the players but there’s still hope that things get better for them.

What are your thoughts about linking issues in Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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