Critical Ops Circuit has been officially announced

In September 2015, Critical Force Ltd. released their first-person shooter video game titled Critical Ops and made it available as an Open Alpha. After being in Beta for almost 3 years, the game was finally released in November 2018. The game is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. As of now, the game has over 50 million downloads. In a recent announcement, the publisher of the game revealed the Critical Ops Circuit, the official tournament of Critical Ops, which is coming very soon this year.

About Critical Ops

For those who are not aware of this game, Critical Ops is a first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed and published by Critical Force Ltd. The game has been largely influenced by Counter-Strike, a very popular video game franchise made for PC. Critical Ops is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game features a variety of game modes, featuring both ranked and unranked game modes, including the ability to host or join custom rooms.

Critical Ops Circuit announced

The official Twitter page of Critical Ops very recently revealed Critical Ops Circuit, the official esports tournament for Critical Ops. The same has been announced by Critical Ops League, a company that hosts Critical Ops tournaments, on their official website.

Both the Tweet as well as the website article contains a video that gives us three key pieces of information. Firstly, Critical Ops Circuit will take place in July 2020. Secondly, the tournament has a prize pool of $15000. And lastly, its an open league, which means anyone can participate. Depending on your region, you can join one of the three Discord servers in order to participate, whose link is provided on their website. The regions are – NA, SA, and the EU.

Final Thoughts

According to Critical Ops’ Twitter page, more information regarding the Critical Ops Circuit will be revealed soon. If you are a competitive Critical Ops player, now is your chance to prove your skills and compete against other players in order to achieve the first place. Good Luck!

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