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Entity Gaming won PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals by beating Team SouL

3 days of PUBG Mobile extravaganza! Gunfights, glory and what not! Delhi’s KD Jhadav Hall witnessed the South Asian Regional finals of PUBG Mobile Club Open. After a lot of hard work, Entity Gaming won PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019. Now they will be representing India in the global stage along with Team SouL who are the runners up. SynerGE, Team INS and Team IND who became 3rd, 4th and 5th in this tournament will be playing the qualifiers in the PMCO Fall Split Global finals. The winner took 60,000 USD home.

Entity Gaming showed great progress throughout the tournament. They played very well on the first day as well as on the second day. They started at the top of the leaderboard when day 3 started. However, they did not have a good start on the 3rd day. They played badly in the first 4 matches. But in the 5th match, Entity Gaming did extremely well and took a total of 37 points. And this pushed them a lot and they came back to the competition once again. Even though they did not do well in the last match, Entity Gaming won PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals. This showed that every effort counts!

PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019

The complete leaderboard of PMCO Fall Split SA Finals 2019

PositionTeam NameTotal PointsTotal Prize (USD)
1Entity Gaming22060,000
2Team SouL21030,000
4Team INS19815,000
5Team IND19510,000
6Zero Degree1888,000
8RIP Official1635,000
12MEGA Stars1262,000
14ORB Official1212,000
15Nepali Ho Ni1052,000
16Trust D Process852,000

Three days of the finals were full of excitement. And we hope that this show will continue in the PMCO Fall Split 2019 Global Finals!

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