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FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals hits 45M views in 5 hours leaving everyone surprised

The stream hit a peak concurrent views of 2.5M, setting up a new record!

The Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS) 2020 Asia, Grand Finals was held today at 12:30 pm IST. It’s an annual International Esports event that strives to bring forward the best talents scattered all around the globe. Today was the last stage of the Asia series involving the best teams all over in Asia who have made their way into the finals after a lengthy and difficult journey full of intense battles. The total watching of the FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals event on YouTube crossed 45M views in just over 5 hours, breaking major records and surpassing all expectations. In total, the stream accumulated 47M+ views and crossed 2.5M peak concurrent views, setting up a new record for Free Fire Esports.

About the FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals event

In this context, Free Fire India Official sent out certain YouTube milestone challenges along the way of the viewers, completion of which promised a lot of free goodies. The last and most difficult milestone challenge was crossing 2.5M concurrent views on the stream. The player base wasn’t sure whether this challenge was going to be fulfilled or not… but what actually happened was a total shocker!

The viewers from the Indian server were so excited about the tournament that the Live stream crossed 500k+ concurrent views even before the matches had kicked off! Moreover, within 5 hours of the stream end, it’s already managed to get 45M+ total views and an equally unbelievable 1.4M likes. This was a stunning reception that the event got, nobody was expecting such support even the casters themselves! YouTube Analytics Expert Social Blade claim that this Live stream added around 380k+ new subscribers to the channel within hours. It’s safe to say that this event turned out to be a massive success!

The impact of India’s fast-growing Esports industry

This speaks volumes of India’s ever-growing significance in the eSports Industry. The player base now seems to be genuinely interested in the competitiveness this game offers. Free Fire community in India is getting bigger and stronger with each passing day. To be able to pull off such humongous amounts of views within just a matter of hours, that too, by a mobile game is surely breathtaking! This also clears all the claims stating the mobile gaming industry as a ‘joke’. Free Fire is definitely setting up a very high benchmark for all other mobile games in terms of eSports. Today’s live stream also adds credibility and a sense of honour to Free Fire winning the ‘Best Mobile E-Sports of 2020’.

FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals results in a nutshell

EXP eSports won the grand finals as Kelly, the host, concluded the event. King of Gamers and RRQ Hades claim the 1st and 2nd runner-up position, respectively. The livestream was casted by a team of four very notable personalities within the Indian E-Sports scenario. Casting crew consisted of Aura Gaming, Kripz, Mamba and Gaming with AB. Quite familiar faces to have around the Free Fire eSports events.

What do you think about the FFCS 2020 Asia Grand Finals live stream getting 45M views in 5 hours? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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