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Lords Mobile World Championship 2024: Teams, Format, Prize Pool, and more

The wait is over, now is the time for the champion!

IGG‘s award-winning MMORPG game Lords Mobile is going to commence the Lords Mobile World Championship 2024 this May. The grand finals, named the Phuket Championship, will feature the top 12 teams from the online qualifiers and take place on the 19th of May 2024. With a huge cash prize and other tech items on the stack, we’re going to watch an eye-pleasing event this month!

Lords Mobile World Championship 2024: Schedule and Format

The game already passed the online qualifier and selected the final 12 teams. Here is the full breakdown of the schedule and format of the Lords Mobile World Championship 2024.


Registration for the online qualifier began on the 18th of March.  Each team could take three players while players must be at least on level 25 to be eligible for a team. The online qualifier for this event started on the 23rd of March and ended on the 1st of April 2024. Teams fought their best in Feudal Battles, Chalice Battles, and Battle Royal events during the online qualifier. As the final 12 teams are locked now, the final phase will take place in Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket Championship will be held on the 19th of May. A separate server is provided from the title for the event. Battle royal matches will decide which team will climb to the top.

Lords Mobile World Championship 2024 finals format
Image via IGG


The online regional qualifier was divided into 8 zones based on the teams’ region. The qualified teams had to go through Feudal Battles, Chalice Battles, and Battle Royal events against the team within their zones. Now, the final 12 teams will compete in three stages: the group stage, the elimination stage, and the finals. Matches will be played in Battle Royale format with each match last for 30 minutes.

12 teams will be divided into 2 groups of six teams each. This will be round 1 where a match will take place in BO1 format. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the finals, while the 3rd-5th teams from each group will advance to Round 2. The last team in each group will be eliminated. With the 3rd-5th teams from Groups A and B, round 2 will kick off. The top 2 will advance to the finals. The grand finals will feature a BO1 format, meaning a single match will determine the team ranking.

Lords Mobile World Championship 2024: Participating Teams

A total of 12 teams have already made it to the group stage. The list of the qualified teams is as follows.

  • TMB
  • GW1
  • L1Z
  • TCT
  • JAP
  • SMR
  • N1Z
  • PCx
  • WFF
  • 9Ds
  • MMG
  • PIC

Prize Pool

A whopping sum of $54,000 is going to be featured for the event. Apart from the lucrative amount, teams will receive exciting accessories and tech products. The breakdown of the prize pool for Lords Mobile World Championship 2024 is as follows.

Team RankingPrize Pool
The Champion$36,000, World Championship Trophy x1, Individual Championship Trophy x3, 2,400,000 Diamonds, Bose headphones x3
Runner up$12,000,Runner-up Trophy x3, 900,000 Diamonds, Bose headphones x3
3rd$6,000, Individual 3rd Place Trophy x3, 600,000 Diamonds, Bose headphones x3
4th-6th450,000 Diamonds, Bose Headphones x3
7th-12th300,000 Diamonds, Bose Headphones x3

There is another wave of prizes for cheering the event. The prizes are as follows.

1stAlien x Lords Mobile Laptop, Extraordinary Chest x300
2ndiPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB, Extraordinary Chest x200
3rdiPad Pro 11inch WiFi 256G, Extraordinary Chest x100
4th-10thLogitech Keyboard and Mouse Set, Extraordinary Chest x50

The game combines real-time strategy, building mechanics, role-playing, and other elements. Being popular and with millions of players engaged, the upcoming grand final will be an event worth keeping your eyes on! Fans can watch the event live on the official YouTube channel of Lords Mobile.

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