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Mobile Legends World Championship 2019: Group Stage Standings

With the Mobile Legends World Championship 2019 Group Stage ending on November 14th, let’s talk about the Standings! We’ll now get to see the 8 qualified teams battling for the 1st place and 80,000 US Dollar.

For those who missed the event, don’t worry. Not only can you rewatch the MLBB Championship VODs on YouTube, we also got all relevant information right here:

Mobile Legends World Championship 2019: Standings

Only the top 2 teams of each group will advance to the knockout stage from November 15th to 17th. Congratulations to RRQ, Todak, Burmese Ghouls and EVOS LEGENDS for winning the Group Stage.

MLBB Championship 2019 Group Stage Standings
Official Standings after the Mobile Legends Championship Group Stage 2019

The Meta: Picks and Bans

Just like expected, Grock and Khufra remain high priority tanks as must pick or bans; Lolita and Hylos are contested back-up options. X-Borg and Masha seem to be the most relevant fighters, the former with astonishing ban-rates, the latter with high pick rates. Chou, Thamuz and Leomord remain potent pick options as well.

Rather surprisingly, Chang’e turns out to be really valued (and feared) by most teams. While the likes of Esmeralda, Harith, Valir and Lunox are well known for their strengths, Chang’e fell under the radar.

Without any doubt, Kimmy and Granger are the most contested Marksmen with Karrie and Claude in the second place. Many people seem to be sleeping on Bruno, who does really well after the revamp.

Overall the meta favours early game focused Heroes, so it’s not too surprising to see dive-oriented, snowballing picks everywhere. Interestingly, assassins don’t seem too successful despite the early game meta. Every other Class seems to have a higher priority in terms of pick and ban rates as well as success.

Mobile Legends Championship 2019: Knockout Stage

During playoffs, the 1st seeds of each group will compete for the grand final in the upper bracket; meanwhile, the 2nd seeds and losing teams of the upper bracket get the chance to qualify through the lower bracket.

MLBB Championship 2019 Playoffs
MLBB Championship 2019: Playoffs from November 15th to 17th

Which team is your favourite? Who are you betting on to win? Let us know in the comment section down below! Also, if you’re looking for more Mobile Gaming news, stay tuned to GamingonPhone!

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