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Official BGMI esports tournaments to feature an all-new Anti-cheat software BAC

BAC is introduced to tackle hacker issues!

According to various sources, Krafton developers concerned with running BGMI esports in India have introduced a new anti-cheat system software ahead of the BMOC to tackle the rampant hacker issues in the preliminary stages. The BGMI Anti Cheat or the BAC is proof that the chaotic hacker-infested games of the last BGIS tournament have finally convinced the officials to take action.

BGMI Anti Cheat (BAC): How will it work

The BAC is part of the extensive measures being taken by the organizers of the BGMI esports tournaments. This is to ensure that all participating teams get to play in a fair environment without unnecessary interruptions caused by hackers. 

BGMI anti-cheat system
Image via KRAFTON

Players from the participating teams will be provided with the app as a mandatory measure. Players will have to log in to the app with their credentials once they are provided with the lobby details of the special in-game room-hosted matches. Each player will have to take a selfie before and after the game from the app as credential proof.

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Image via Krafton

Once all procedures are complete, the BAC will launch the game by itself, and players will be able to join their designated lobby from there. This will not be a one-time process and will instead be a systematic process before every match to ensure maximum security.

This feature will be implemented for the first time in BMOC, beginning on April 21, 2022. 512 teams will participate in the preliminary stages to be one of the 16 teams competing in the grand finals. To learn more about the tournament, click here.


Overall, this seems like a smart decision by the organizing body. The BAC will be put to the test soon enough, and we will get to know how effective it will be in restricting hacking activities in the game and the tournament. This is a welcome decision as players and fans complained about unfair means in the game for quite a while.

What are your thoughts on the BGMI Anti Cheat system software? Let us know in the comments below.

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