8 Ball Shoot It All Cue Tier List for March 2024: Know the best Cues

Grab the best Cue and Conquer the Billiard Board!

Cues are one of the most important pieces of equipment while playing 8 Ball Shoot It All. In this type of sports game, players get to witness many amazing Cues provided to them. But for a beginner, it is quite difficult to find the best Cue in the game at the beginning of their journey. A good Cue can also switch the result of a match at the end moment, and thus players need to focus on unlocking better Cues. 

Here is a detailed piece on the 8 Ball Shoot It All Cue Tier List so that I can help out all the amateurs know about all the best sets of Cues.

8 Ball Shoot It All Cue Tier List

After playing for quite a long time, here is a detailed 8 Ball Cue Tier List table as per my experience. The Tier List is based upon Cues divided into Tiers like S, A, and B.

Tier Cue
Strong (S)Atomic Heart,
Lavender Queen,
Majestic Gild,
Average (A)Judgement,
Charcoal Quill,
Indian Lotus
Fair (B)Classic Cue,
Crimson Sweet,
Choco Lava,
Spin Master,
Indigo Marine,
Blue Moon,
Sunday Crush

Best Cues in 8 Ball Shoot It All for March 2024

1. Nagini

As per the game, I have kept this list based on the features of the Cues such as Aim, Power, Spin, and Rotation. Hence, according to the focused features I would rank Nagini as the best Cue in the game undoubtedly. Nagini comes up with the best Overall Ratings over all the desired features and hence can help the players win every match they play.

8 ball shoot it all nagini cue

This cue has an amazing Aim of 36, a Power of 94, a Spin of 88, and an Angle of 58. The overall rating of Nagini helps it provide a balanced, yet the best performance compared to all the other Cues present in the game. 

2. Majestic Gild

Next comes the Majestic Gild which comes up with great stats but stands a bit lower in rank compared to Nagini. The main feature of Majestic Gild is its Power and Spin which stands at 90 and 74 points respectively.

The Spin feature of Majestic Gild is higher in points compared to Nagini, so players can easily make some magical shots in between the matches. Apart from Spin and Power, Aim and Angle have a point of 40 and 52 respectively. 

3. Executioner

Here is my third-best Cue from the game, as the name suggests, Executioner has amazing features that prove why it is called an Executioner. Just like other Cues, it also brings up very balanced stats which makes it an overall perfect Cue to choose during the journey.

Executioner has an amazing Aim of 38, Power of 88, Spin of 76, and Angle of 44. This overall balanced stat hence proves that this cue can easily execute your favor and make you win matches. 

4. Regalia

8 ball shoot it all regalia cue

Here comes Regalia standing at the 4th position. Regalia mostly focuses on coming up with better Power. Players who love to go for power hits in between the matches can easily count on Regalia as it serves that purpose. Regalia follows up an outstanding stat with Aim of 38, Power of 85, Spin of 64, and Angle of 34

5. Elysium

Elysium is yet again a Power-focused Cue that stands at the 5th position on my list. Just like Regaliam, this cue also has a great advantage over the Power feature and has a Power of 78. Other stats like Aim, Spin, and Angle have a point of 35, 54, and 24 which also contributes a lot and helps this amazing Cue make a place in my Top 5 best Cue list.

How to Unlock Cues Easily in 8 Ball Shoot It All

Cues are very important and so is unlocking them. As a beginner, you need to focus on unlocking Cues to easily grab the best one and make great wins while playing matches against real players. Here are some ways by which players can easily unlock Cues:

You need to go to the Play Online Section and play more Online matches. Also, you need to win them as well. By winning all the online matches, you can easily get some amazing Chests. Unlocking the Chests will help the players get Cue Tokens for a particular Cue and hence after collecting a definite number of Cue tokens for a particular Cue, you can unlock that Cue and enjoy playing with it.

8 ball shoot it challenges

You can go for the Challenges Section where you need to follow up on several Levels under this section. After completing each Level, you can easily complete certain Quests, and after completing a certain number of quests you will get a chance to unlock amazing Chests. Unlocking these chests will help in getting Cue Tokens in the form of rewards, so you can easily unlock Cues in this way. 

Final Thought

You can easily enhance your gameplay with the help of better Cues due to the presence of better Aim, Power, Spin, and Angle. These features define the capability of a Cue and how well they will contribute during the journey. The game brings about 30 Cues for the players which I have divided into Tiers and also presented my Top 5 Cues from the game in this 8 Ball Cue Tier List piece for the ease of newcomers.

So hopefully, this detailed 8 Ball Cue Tier List will be beneficial for all the newcomers. All the stats provided in the piece are of fully upgraded Cues. So go through this piece thoroughly and choose the best Cues for yourself.

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