Among Us ‘Confirm Eject’ feature explained

Use the feature on your own risk!

Among Us, the current hot favorite action game on cross-platform. It is a detective mystery game. This game has two roles, imposters and crewmates. Being an imposter, players will have to kill other crewmates to win the match, and being a crewmate, players will have to complete tasks, find hidden imposters to win the match. The game has swept into pop culture with merchandise, t-shirts, coffee mugs along with many different references. Many different memes and hilarious gifs also are made every day. Recently live streamers from different platforms made this game popular among the viewers. This game is great for playing with family or a group of friends. When someone is hosting a match, they get many options and settings for the match. One of them is the Confirm Eject feature. In this guide, we will discuss the Confirm eject setting of Among Us.

What is Confirm eject?

Ejection is one of the most important parts of an Among Us game. A player gets ejected when the majority of the other players vote for him as a suspect. This can alter the course of any given match.

Among Us Confirm Eject Guide

When confirm eject is on, other players can see if the person they just voted out into space was actually an Imposter or not. It also shows how many imposters remain. If the confirm eject setting is disabled, other players will only see an animation that says, “X was ejected”. There will be confirmed if the person they just voted out into space was actually an Imposter or not. They also won’t be able to see the remaining number of imposters.

How to use the Confirm eject function in Among Us

Host of the match can enable or disable the confirm eject option from the starting lobby’s game setting menu.

Among Us Confirm Eject Guide
Among Us – Confirm Eject setting

Just tick in the box if you want to enable the confirm eject option and remove the tick if you want to turn it off.

Confirm Eject On or Off?

Both turning on and off confirm eject has multiple pros and cons. If you are playing with your friends or family who are going to play the game till the end then it will be a good option to turning off the confirm eject because if you become an imposter then you can easily manipulate others and throw out an innocent crewmate. Turning on confirming eject makes the game more challenging and harder for the imposters and easier for the crewmates.

If you are playing with random online players then you should turn it on since many players leave the match after starting so you will get hard times if you become an imposter. It will be easy to catch false accusers and liars if you leave confirm eject turned on. Overall, turning off confirm eject is more challenging and engaging because the suspense remains constant till the very end.

 What are your opinions on the Among Us Confirm Eject Feature Guide? Do you like using the confirm eject option? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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