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Apex Legends Mobile Golden Geometry Draw: Rewards, Odds and more

Get lucky in the Golden Geometry draw!

Apex Legends Mobile, one of the most anticipated battle-royale games finally released on 17th May 2022. Golden Geometry is a lucky draw release in Apex Legends Mobile and features new Pathfinder and Wraith skins with R-99 and Wingman skins with additional rewards. Here’s how you can obtain rewards.

How to obtain rewards in Apex Legends Mobile Golden Geometry Draw

  1. Based on the list of rewards, the players spending the required amount of Syndicate gold, will receive the reward. The list below has items from both the Coordinate Chip and the Black Gold Vault. Rewards from the black gold vault can only be obtained. If a player obtains Coordinate Chip 12 times, they will be granted all the rewards from the Black Gold Vault.
  2. Once the box is open, an item is selected, if it is the Coordinate chip then the player will receive one of the remaining items from the black Gold Vault or the item is selected from the Coordinate Chip Pool. Players can select each item from the coordinate chip pool only once per round, there are 12 rounds. The coordinate pool resets once the player gets a coordinate chip.
  3. The costs of Syndicate gold in each round remains unchanged but the costs for different round increase gradually round by round.
  4. The items received and the currency will be sent directly into the player’s account.
  5. If a player is facing difficulty in top-up or is not able to draw rewards, then they are advised to restate the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Golden Geometry Draw rewards

Legend Skins

The limited-time Draw comes with two fantastic skins named Golden Geometry Pathfinder and Glided Silhouette Wraith.

Apex Legends Geometry Draw Skins
Golden Geometry Pathfinder Skin and Glided Silhouette Wraith Skin

Eternal Weapons Skins

It is also bringing cosmetics for weapons. R-99 SMG is getting ‘Fatal Opulence’ skin and Wingman is getting ‘Luxury’s Edge.’

Apex Legends Geometry Draw Weapon Skins
Fatal Opulence R-99 SMG and Luxury’s Edge Wingman

Legendary Banner Frame

Other than that, the event is also bringing Cool banner frames for the players.

Apex Legends Geometry Draw Banner
Gala Event and Exquisite Bombardment

Legendary Emote

Emotes are also being featured with the Apex Legends Mobile Golden Geometry Draw.

Apex Legends Geometry Draw  Emote
Human Spring and Acrobat

Apex Legends Mobile Golden Geometry Rewards Odds

As you obtain the items from the coordinate chip pool and the black gold vault, the drop rate for each item will change. Initially, the probabilities are as follows:

  • Coordinate Chip Pool Drop Rates at the beginning of Each Round:
  • Coordinate Chip: 1.95%.
  • Item Reward (each): 19.61%
  • Initial Black Gold Vault Rewards Drop Rates:
  • Eternal Legend Skin: 0.2%
  • Eternal Weapon Skin: 0.5%
  • Legendary Dive Emote: 6.1%
  • Legendary Banner Frame: 6.2%
  • Epic Banner Pose: 18.5%
  • Legendary Emote: 18.5%

The probabilities of the selected items will be determined in real-time by the server.

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