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Apex Legends Mobile global launch time based on your country

The game releases on Tuesday!

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019 and also made its way to Nintendo Switch in March 2021. Since then, the game has been immensely popular across the world because of the fast-paced matches, extremely realistic graphics, and immersive gameplay. Now, Apex Legends is coming to Mobile for both Android and iOS platforms, the game will be globally launched on 17th May 2022. With the countdown to the launch of Apex Legends Mobile finally beginning, here’s how to find the local launch time according to the player’s country of residence.

Apex Legends Mobile launch time in different countries

The game will be launched in the United Kingdom (GMT) at 05:00 AM. Below is a list of launch times for other countries:

CountryLocal time
PhilippinesTuesday, 4:00 PM
Myanmar  Tuesday, 3:30 PM  
Thailand Tuesday, 6:00 PM   
Indonesia Tuesday, 4:00 PM   
SingaporeTuesday, 5:00 PM
Brazil Tuesday, 6:00 AM
South AfricaTuesday, 11 AM
CambodiaTuesday, 4:00 PM
United States (CDT) Monday, 3:00 AM
United States (PDT)Tuesday, 1 AM
India Tuesday, 02:30 PM
Japan  Tuesday, 1:00 PM
South Korea Tuesday, 6:00 PM
CanadaTuesday, 5:00 AM
Australia Tuesday, 10:00 AM
New Zealand Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Singapore  Tuesday, 4:00 PM
Mexico Tuesday, 4:00 AM
Vietnam Tuesday, 4:00 PM
Argentina  Tuesday, 6:30 AM
CubaTuesday, 5:00 AM
Venezuela Tuesday, 5:00 AM

Apex Legends Mobile features 10 Legends with new game modes

The new Apex Legends Mobile is built for smartphone devices from scratch and will be available for both Android and iOS platforms. The game was in beta for some time now in selected regions. After launch, the game will be free-to-play and will begin from Season 1 with several new features and new game modes.

Apex Legends Mobile Beginners Guide
Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile has 10 legends in the game. These 10 Legends include Gibraltar, Caustic, Lifeline, Bangalore, Mirage, Pathfinder, Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, and the mobile-exclusive legend Fade. On launch, Apex Legends Mobile will feature the classic World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, and will also have Ranked Play and a variety of mobile-exclusive modes.

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends has been famous for regular new content and widely immersive new seasons. It would be safe to assume that Apex Legends Mobile will also take the same course and become a popular mobile battle royale game in the community. Users can now pre-register for the game on both Android and iOS platforms. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or following the official social media handles.

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Hasnain Ibrahim

Please launched it in Pakistan

Uzair Irfan

It has launched in Pakistan


I am so happy it finally arrive in our country am going to play with my team to fight enemies


Pls how about Nigeria it not yet out and I would like to know the time pls….


It’s out… Check playstore and taptap app




Why it isn’t available in the Philippines yet?


It’s now 16:06 and yeah no download


I can’t find it on play store 😭


I’ve been waiting for this game, please launch in India.


In Cuba it says it’s not available

Rhythm palit

Its a global release still feel shame to see the error m getting not able to login in through any mode become its showing that its not yet available or in testing for your region like seriously whats the use for the global release wn its limited in region 1st impression made very bad as for future lets see how much its big free…plz pay attention to it EA, and Apex legends mobile team
Thank you


how about iran?

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