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Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map guide with loot places and unique features

Tips to play in the newly-added map in Apex Legends Mobile!

Players of Apex Legends Mobile could only play on the Worlds Edge map until now, but Kings Canyon has recently been added to the Apex Legends Mobile rotation. With Kings Canyon being available, let us get a walkthrough of the newest map added to the roster. With every possible High and Mid-tier loot spot in our knowledge, we will present the Hot zones and secret vault locations in the Kings Canyon Map, with the highest tier loot which can be found in Apex Legends Mobile.

In Apex Legends Mobile, loot is classified into five types:

  • Common (denoted in Grey
  • Rare (denoted in Blue)
  • Epic (denoted in Purple)
  • Legendary (denoted in Yellow)
  • Heirloom, which is of hidden rarity (denoted in Red)

Apex Legends Mobile locations have levels ranging from Basic to High Tier. Basic tier locations contain common weapons and items, while Medium tier locations contain weapons and items ranging from Common to Rare classes, with a small chance of finding an epic item or weapon.

High-tier locations contain weapons and items ranging from Common to Epic classes, with a small chance of finding a legendary item or weapon. When players drop on the map, they’ll see that destinations are colored differently. This symbolizes the color blue for mid-tier places and purple for high-tier ones. One must keep this in mind because location levels are sometimes randomly assigned.

Best loot Locations in the Kings Canyon Map with tiers

Mid-tier locations

Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map
Image via EA
  • Market: The market is a completely indoor area with close to mid-range engagements. It has several rooms with varying loot in each, as well as loot around the floor area, inside empty store parts, and on top of the canvas roofs of the markets. It has two entrances at the top with zip-lines for easy access, as well as several medium-sized doors on the upper level.
  • Hydro Dam: The Hydro Dam is a huge area with varying connections to nearby locations. It has several buildings spread out over a large area.
  • Wetlands: Located near the northeastern side of the map, Wetlands consist of a few clusters of protected buildings, overlooked by several protected rock vantage points. While not known for abundant loot, it can provide defense, despite the surrounding high ground.
  • Cascade: The Cascades is a small village located below the North Watchtower and The Farm.
  • Slum lakes: The Slum Lakes is a large town of shacks in the northwest corner of the map. The town is split by a wide trench, containing two long industrial pipes and a zipline spanning the length of the area. It provides close access to Runoff and The Pit.

High Tier Locations

  • Water treatment: Water Treatment is situated on the south coast of Kings Canyon. The main plant building lies at the southernmost cliff, with four sewage containers surrounding its north perimeter. The building has 4 main rooms connected by corridors on the second floor. Aside from the building, loot can be found in supply bins outside the building on the south side and with occasional weapon spawns near the outer rings. This area has a nearby Respawn Beacon on the east side with 3 Supply Bins around it. A supply ship may land on its east or west landing platforms.
  • Bunker: The bunker is a tunnel, located in the middle of the map that connects the village on River Central to the village on High Desert. It also has 3 supply bins near the entrance of each side.
  • Swamps: The Swamps are located on the easternmost portion of the map. This area features buildings raised on stilts above the mud, large partially submerged pipelines, ziplines, and bridges connecting large shacks.
  • Relay: The relay is situated in the north-east corner of the map
Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map
Image via EA
  • Artillery: The artillery is located near the northernmost part of the map. A large concrete base with multiple large buildings, surrounded by high walls. This section of the map has mid to long-range engagement distances. There are two large main buildings, one hangar, 2 tunnels, and a side extension at the end of one tunnel.
  • The Pit: The Pit is a small circular canyon arena situated on the northwest of the map, accessible only by four narrow paths. The area is level and clear, with only a few supply bins and crates for cover. Despite its open roof, Lifeline cannot call her Care Package, while in The Pit.
  • Runoff: The Runoff is a sewage treatment facility on the far west of the map. It consists mainly of several large buildings with two floors interconnected with bridges. Some circular rooms in the buildings contain zip-lines to navigate between the two floors.
  • Airbase: The airbase is located on the westernmost side of the map near Runoff. A large spread-out area separated by North/South runways, with airships and crates located at the ends of each, and a zipline connecting both sides. Assorted supply bins and buildings are present on the landside. Predominantly, there are mid-range engagements.
  • Thunderdome: Thunderdome is an area with caged structures connected by zip lines. This area features two grounded cage structures, connecting to a hanging cage, a spiral staircase tower, and loot areas surrounding a respawn beacon up the hill.
  • Repulsor: The Repulsor is situated towards the South-East of the map. It contains three covered pits, and two larger multi-story buildings, as well as some smaller structures.

Hot Zones

Image via EA

A random spot on the map is assigned as a Hot Zone at the start of each match, denoted by a pulsing blue circle marker. This indicates that there will be higher quality loot and a probability of discovering a fully outfitted weapon in that region.

Kings Canyon Map: Unique Features

Supply Ship

Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map Supply Ship
Image via EA

At the start of the game, a mobile supply ship travels to a random destination on the map. Another supply ship will spawn halfway through the game. The supply ship has an outer deck and an inner hallway and contains a small quantity of mid to high-tier loot.

Loot Ticks

Loot ticks
Image via EA

Rare, stationary destructible containers harboring multiple pieces of valuable loot. They usually provide Epic or Legendary items. Their locations are randomized for each match.

Explosive Holds

Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map Explosive Holds
Image via EA

Containers are scattered around the map that contains weapons, ammo, and other high tier attachments, that can only be accessed by planting a grenade into the door, using the interact button on the door, as opposed to throwing a grenade at the door. There are two doors, and once one of them is opened from the outside, the other one can be opened from the inside. There are 14 Explosive Holds that always spawn in Kings Canyon, but their contents are randomized.

Hope you find this Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon Map Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions about the Kings Canyon Map in the comments section below, We will make sure to reply to everyone. 

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