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Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide: Abilities, Perks and Gameplay Tips

Whoa . . . what a rush!

Need a Legend with fast legs? Therefore, Octane is the one that can be chosen. Octane is one of the most-used Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, and he is equally fun to use as well. Although, his abilities must be used with care, as it has some interesting features to talk about. His real name is Octavio Silva and is 24 years old. His home-world is Psamathe, the same as his old friend, Ajay Che a.k.a Lifeline. In this guide, we shall briefly talk about Octane in Apex Legends Mobile and his perks, abilities, finishers, recommended teammates, along with some tips and tricks from our side to help players master the Legend.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Apex Legends characters like Lifeline and Bloodhound Therefore, players must make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Octane.

About Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Octane used to entertain himself by performing death-defying stunts. One day, he had decided to set a course record for a nearby Gauntlet by launching himself across the finish line, using a grenade. As he lay in triage hours later, the doctors informed him that the damage done to his legs meant his stunt days were over.

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Octane wasn’t happy about this, turned to Ajay Che, his old friend, for help. He had guilted her into forging an order, to replace his legs with bionic ones. After the successful operation, Octane decided to go for something very big, the ultimate Adrenaline Rush, the Apex Games.

Octane Abilities

Octane is a high-speed daredevil, which means that his role and abilities are completely based on faster movement. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we will look at the abilities of Octane in detail.

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Passive Ability – Swift Mend

The Swift Mend is very simple to understand and beneficial at the same time. This ability helps Octane to regenerate his health by 1 HP per second. This is applicable when one is not in the middle of combat for at least 9 seconds, after which his health starts regenerating. This Passive Ability is extremely useful for Octane more than any other Legend, given the drawback of his Tactical Ability.

Tactical Ability – Stim

The Stim is a unique ability that lets Octane move faster by 30%, at the cost of his health. The players will lose 20 HP when the Tactical Ability is activated. This does not put Octane at a major disadvantage, since he can regenerate the lost health using his Passive Ability. But, when we talk about its advantages, it’s enormous.

The cooldown for this Ability is just two seconds. Therefore, players can keep using it, in order to, run away from their enemies. What many players may not know, is the fact that this ability will help Octane to move 15% faster, apart from the 30% already boosted, when running without holding any weapon. Players must note that a player cannot kill himself using stim, as this ability works only till the health goes down to 1 HP, after which the player has to heal himself in order to rock this ability again.

With Octane consisting of a number of advantages, it’s very understandable as to why he is being used by a number of players.

Ultimate Ability – Jump Pad

The best method to rotate around the map in Apex Legends Mobile is when Jump Pad helps Octane and his teammates rotate a lot quicker than running. On activating the Ultimate Ability, players must drop the jump pad on any favorable area, and run towards it. On reaching right above the pad, it launches the player high in the air.

Once the player is launched to the air, he will be able to use a technique named Double Jump, which lets the player jump even higher, thus giving more travel distance. To do this, players have to click on the Jump button, while in the air. This technique also allows the player to move towards a specific direction before the second jump, mid-air.

The player has to launch from the jump pad and then turn towards the direction needed to go. They must click on the Jump button as soon as the player turns towards that specific direction. By doing so, the player will move in the direction towards the side where he turned.

Perks and Finishers of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Most of the legends contain similar unlockable Perks, and Octane is one of them. Let us dive deep into his perks.

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  • Dying Dose: Using any health item gives an additional 25 HP, provided the player’s health is below 50.
  • Slow-acting Batterysher: It gives 1 Shield point every second, when not facing any enemies.
  • Stress: It increases the movement speed by 10% for three seconds, when the Body Shield is destroyed.
  • Restless: It increases movement speed by 10%, when outside the safe zone.
  • Push Pylon: It increases flight speed by 30% upon using a Jump Tower.

Finishers can be used to kill an enemy after being downed. A finisher grants some additional plus points that assist the player during combat.

  • Execution: Final Thrill: After knocking down an enemy using a Finisher, all shields are restored and Ultimate Ability’s cooldown is reduced by 30%.
  • Execution: Ammo Recovery: After knocking down an enemy using a Finisher, all shields are restored and ammo for the weapon used, gets refilled.
  • Execution: Evolutionary Explosion: After knocking down an enemy using a Finisher, all shields are restored and an additional 100 Evo Points are given.

Recommended Teammates for Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

In order to master a legend, a player must have a proper team with great synergy and skills. For that, players must be able to select the right legend combinations. These two team combinations with Octane included in both the teams could help the players master their legend. Players must note that players are always free to choose the legend they like, according to their playstyle.

  • Octane, Bloodhound, Bangalore: In this combination, Octane helps the team rotate faster while also helping his teammates to escape from enemies. Bloodhound gives the Intel, and can attack if and when needed. Bangalore will play her supportive role with the help of her Abilities.
  • Octane, Gibraltar, Mirage: Octane plays the same role here as he does in the first team, Gibraltar can protect the team when required, and Mirage can also provide a helping hand with his Abilities. He can confuse enemies whilst lending the team some time to get away from the area.

Apex Legends Mobile Octane Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play Octane in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide
Image via Electronic Arts
  • The main tip while using any Legend would be to stay together. Staying together with the team ensures safety and backup to everyone.
  • Avoid making use of the Tactical Ability repeatedly. Since it reduces your health each time you make use of it, it might turn against you when you run into a group of enemies, where you won’t find time to patch yourself up.
  • Utilize the Jump Pad at the right time. The Jump Pad can be used to jump into a group of enemies to demolish them, and at the same time, can be used to jump out of one. Hence, make sure to master this Ability in order to make full use of it at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Octane in Apex Legends Mobile is fun to use and play with. But if one wishes to master a legend, Octane should definitely be given a try. His fast legs can help him run afar from any danger, which makes him a highly-skilled runner and daredevil. With all the fun features and strategic abilities, he can turn up to be one of the most important legends in a team. Mastering an Octane takes time, and if anyone does, then one will find a very hard time countering it.

That’s all for today’s Octane guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Octane in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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