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Apex Legends Mobile: The complete Currency Guide and Tips

Spend your money wisely!

The most-hyped and awaited battle royale mobile game Apex Legends Mobile has finally dropped off on a soft launch in 10 countries. Our Apex Legends Mobile complete Currency guide will clear queries and FAQs regarding all the in-game currencies and make the best use. The free-to-play battle royale is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

The game already got the great attention of battle royale lovers. Similar to most F2P games, Apex Legends Mobile has in-app purchases available, where players have to buy the in-game currencies first to purchase items they want to use.

Types of Currency in Apex Legends Mobile

There are two types of major in-game currencies in Apex Legends Mobile. One is Flux Coin, and the other one is Syndicate Gold. Excluding these two, there are some others such as Vault Tokens and EXP Points. Those are, well, not currencies in a sense we understand, but instead, we may call those items for leveling up.

1. Syndicate Gold 

syndicate gold
Image via Electronic Arts

This is the premium currency in Apex Legends Mobile. Players can only purchase Syndicate Gold from the Store Menu with money. Players can buy them anytime they want and use them for subscribing to battle passes. Besides, Syndicate gold can be used for buying Legends, rename cards, redemption chips, and any other premium items available now or to be available soon.

2. Flux Coins

apex legends mobile currency
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Flux Coin can be obtained by playing events, challenge missions, completing any milestone, or from the battle pass. Besides, the game may introduce such events, which will provide Flux Coins as the rewards. Using Flux Coins, players can buy legend skin, weapon skip, battle crafting items, trackers, emotes, etc.

3. Vault Tokens

apex legends mobile currency
Image via Electronic Arts

The game has many lucky draws from which players can buy items. Vault Tokens are used in the draws. Players can purchase Vault Tokens using Syndicate Gold as well.

4. EXP points

apex legends mobile currency
Image via Electronic Arts

This is not primarily a currency, and players can obtain it via playing any match, reaching each level, completing missions. EXP is given often in the game.

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