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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips to unlock Fade’s Signature weapon, ‘Constellation’ for free

Unlock the mobile exclusive melee weapon with ease!

After Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions hit the game on 18th October, players finally got their hands on a number of new features to have a blasting experience this season. In addition to the new legend Ash, this season has been flooded with new events, battle pass, modes, and maps. The prime attraction, however, is the inclusion of a mobile exclusive melee weapon for legend Fade, i.e, Fade’s Signature Weapon: Constellation. 

How to unlock Constellation for free in Apex Legends Mobile

The constellation which is Fade’s Signature Weapon can be unlocked for free by collecting Signature Merits. This signature weapon may be customized with visual effects, texture, and more to make it more appealing and cool. It has six levels and two deadly variants. That said, players also have the option of buying Signature Tributes from Store Vault with 1500 Syndicate Golds.

Apex Legends Mobile Fade Constellation
Image via Electronic Arts

Players need to collect Signature Merits and in this case, a total of 400 merit points are required to unlock Constellation for free. There are many ways to earn Signature Merits, one of which can be by reaching the corresponding levels in Battle Pass. The other one requires players to complete ‘Daily Missions’ and reach 100 Activity Points which enables them to open the Activity Chest containing the signature weapon. 

Apex Legends Mobile brings new event, Signature Weapon Quest

The game has also added a brand-new, limited-time event called Signature Weapon Quest that will aid players in obtaining the Signature Merits. This event which commenced on 19th October will run for another fourteen days and players can navigate their way to the quest page by clicking on the Seasonal Hub banner.

Apex Legends Mobile Constellation
Image via Electronic Arts

There are a total of 15 missions needing players to fulfill the required task to obtain corresponding Challenge points. After earning these points players will be rewarded with a specific number of Signature Merits. 

Also, to access Fade’s Signature Weapon in its final form, players must pass through six levels, each of which modifies the weapon’s look. Players should also check out the brand-new Kings Canyon POI and the season 3 Battle Pass, which includes some incredible cosmetics.

Did you find our guide to unlocking Fade’s Signature Weapon ‘Constellation’ for free in Apex Legends Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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