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Arena Breakout: The Complete Gunsmith Guide, Gun customization, attachments, and more

Customize the best attachments to your guns!

Arena Breakout is an extreme shooter game developed by Tencent Games, this game features a Gunsmith system that initially confuses players but becomes straightforward with time and understanding. The Gunsmith system in Arena Breakout typically refers to a feature that allows players to customize and modify their weapons extensively.

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It gives you the ability to personalize your weapons to suit your playstyle and preferences. The Gunsmith system may include various components and attachments that players have to understand. In this Gunsmith Guide, players will have direct knowledge about the Gunsmith system and how it works.

How does Gunsmith work in Arena Breakout

In the Gunsmith area of Arena Breakout, players can choose a specific gun they wish to assemble and customize. When players click on an attachment box, it instantly applies the chosen attachment to the weapon, allowing for quick and seamless customization.

Arena Breakout Gunsmith
Image via Tencent Games

Sorting the items

To optimize their weapon’s performance, players can utilize the sort button. By using this feature, attachments can be organized based on various criteria, such as effectiveness, rarity, or other relevant stats. The best attachments will appear on the leftmost side, while the least ideal ones will be displayed on the rightmost side, making it easier for players to identify and select the most suitable options.

Item Price

Considering in-game economics, attachment prices can differ depending on their quality or rarity. As players sort through the available attachments, they can also take note of their respective prices. This helps players make informed decisions about which attachments are worth investing in based on their budget and desired loadout.

What are Attachments in Gunsmith

The Gunsmith system features an ultra-realism logic. Players need to apply proper attachments and follow a logical progression when customizing their weapons. This means that certain attachments can only be installed if the prerequisites or designated attachments have already been applied to the weapon.

For example, if a player wants to install an optic or scope on their weapon, they must first have the designated attachment needed for that specific optic installed. This requirement mimics the real-world process of mounting scopes on firearms, where a compatible base or mount is necessary before attaching the scope itself.

Types of Attachment available in Gunsmith of Arena Breakout

  • Optics and Scopes: These attachments provide improved aiming capabilities and enhanced target acquisition. Players can choose from red dot sights, holographic sights, magnified scopes, and more, depending on their preferences and the weapon’s intended use.
  • Grips and Foregrips: Grips help reduce weapon sway and recoil, providing better stability and accuracy during shooting. Foregrips are typically attached to the front of the weapon and can enhance control while aiming and firing.
  • Magazines: Different magazines can increase the ammunition capacity of a weapon, reduce reload times, or offer other benefits like faster bullet feeding.
  • Barrels and Muzzle Devices: Barrels and muzzle attachments can influence factors like weapon range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. Some muzzle devices might reduce muzzle flash and recoil, making it easier to stay on target during rapid fire.
  • Stocks and Buttstocks: Stocks can impact weapon handling, stability, and maneuverability. Adjustable or collapsible stocks allow players to customize the weapon’s length to suit different combat situations.
Arena Breakout Attachments
Image via Tencent Games

Players encounter a diverse range of weapon attachments designed to enhance their overall loadout and weaponry. However, these attachments are not universally applicable, as certain attachments can only be equipped on specific designated weapons.

For instance, high-powered scopes like the 20x scope are suitable for long-range rifles or sniper rifles, but not for pistols due to their impracticality and incompatibility with close-quarters combat. This restriction encourages players to thoughtfully customize their load-outs based on their weapon’s strengths and intended use

Saving your Customized Weapon in Arena Breakout

The Gunsmith system offers players the option to assemble a gun from scratch or modify an existing one with additional attachments. This dynamic feature allows players to either purchase all the individual parts from the in-game market directly or choose to click on a specific gun to automatically utilize some parts they already own and purchase only the missing components.

Arena Breakout Gunsmith
Image via Tencent Games

Assembling a Gun from Scratch

When players decide to create a custom weapon built from scratch, they have the freedom to handpick each attachment and component that best suits their playstyle and desired performance. They can access the in-game market to browse and purchase individual attachments, such as optics, grips, magazines, and other upgrades, to fully customize their weapon to their liking. This process grants players complete control over their loadout, enabling them to fine-tune every aspect of the firearm.

Modifying an Existing Gun

Alternatively, if players have previously saved builds or prefer a quicker option, they can click on an existing gun to initiate the modification process. The Gunsmith system will automatically check the attachments and components they already own in their inventory. It will then fill in the missing parts required for the selected build and prompt players to purchase only those specific components. This streamlines the customization process, as players can leverage their existing inventory and avoid redundant purchases.

Final Thoughts

The Gunsmith system allows players to customize their weapons extensively, with various attachments and components that significantly impact the gameplay experience. As players progress, they unlock more powerful attachments, making their load-outs more diverse and tailored to their unique playstyles.

Attachments in the game serve specific purposes, such as improving aiming, stability, magazine capacity, and other critical attributes. Players must strategically choose attachments that suit their weapon types and preferred combat scenarios. The Gunsmith system’s realism extends to attachment restrictions, where players can only equip specific attachments designated for certain weapons.

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