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Arena Breakout: Beginners Guide and Tips

Gain an insight of what to do and what not to do in the game

Arena Breakout is an exciting shooter game developed by Tencent Games, one of the leading game developers in China. As a first-person shooter, it provides players with an immersive perspective as they navigate through various missions and challenges. One unique aspect of Arena Breakout is its emphasis on stealth and finesse. In this Arena Breakout Beginners Guide, you will learn how to master the tactics and conquer missions and combat.

If you’re starting out on Arena Breakout, I have several useful guides for you. Check out the best settings, loadouts, inventory management, learning gunsmithing, tips to level up faster, and a list of game modes. Additionally, you’ll find guides on how to play with friends, a weapon tier list, redeem codes, and a customer support guide to help you address any issues with the team.

Arena Breakout Gameplay Basics

Arena Breakout is an intense tactical first-person shooter game known for its competitive gameplay. As the player, you control a character thrown into a hostile territory filled with enemy troops and militants. The objective may seem simple, but executing it is challenging.

Arena Breakout combat
Image via Tencent Games

Despite being AI-controlled, the enemy units offer engaging gameplay with fluid movements that surpass generic bots in other shooter games. This guide aims to provide valuable assistance in navigating the game’s tough battles and improving your skills.

Designing your character in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, players have the opportunity to create their characters and customize them according to their preferences. Starting from Gender preferences, overall appearance, and personal nickname.

Arena Breakout character design
Image via Tencent Games

As you progress in the game, more customization options will become available, allowing you to further tailor your character’s appearance to your liking. Get ready to design your perfect avatar and dive into thrilling combat missions in Arena Breakout. Here are the steps to personalize your character in Arena Breakout:

  • Select your gender: Choose between male or female.
  • Choose your Flag
  • Customize your face: choose from various facial features.
  • Adjust your character’s skin tone
  • Choose your hair color and hairstyle: Pick a hair color and style that suits your character.
  • Provide your character Nickname: Give your character a unique nickname.

Movement and Controls in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, mastering the controls is crucial for success in combat. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with various icons and gestures to navigate the game effectively. Here are the important controls you need to be familiar with in Arena Breakout:

  • Camera Control: Slide your finger on the mobile screen to rotate the camera and adjust the view.
  • Virtual Joystick: Use the virtual joystick to control the movements of your character, allowing you to turn left or right, and go forward or backward.
  • Jump Icon: Tap the Jump icon to make your character jump over obstacles when necessary.
  • Crouch Icon: Use the crouch icon to hide from nearby enemies.
  • Crawl Icon: Utilize the crawl icon to move over obstacles or pass through narrow entrances.
  • Shoot Icon: Tap the Shoot icon to engage and attack enemies.
  • Reload Icon: Use the Reload icon to replenish your ammunition.
  • Aim Icon: Tap the Aim icon to aim at long-ranged enemies accurately.
Arena Breakout Controls
Image via Tencent Games

Mastering these controls will help you navigate the game’s combat situations effectively and increase your chances of success.

Game Modes in Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout is a looter-based shooter that offers players the opportunity to embark on various missions and gradually build up their impressive arsenal. Arena Breakout offers two engaging game modes which is mainly known as Tactical Op Mode and Covert Op Mode.

Tactical Op Mode

In this mode, players have the freedom to bring their loadout into missions. This means that you can carefully customize your character’s equipment, choosing the weapons, gear, and abilities that best suit your playstyle.

Tactical Op Mode emphasizes strategic planning, allowing players to approach missions with their preferred loadouts, maximizing their effectiveness on the battlefield. It gives you the freedom to fine-tune your character and develop a unique playstyle tailored to your preferences.

Covert Op Mode

In contrast to Tactical Op Mode, Covert Op Mode takes a different approach by providing players with random equipment. When entering missions in Covert Op Mode, you won’t have control over the specific gear you bring. Instead, you’ll go undercover with randomized equipment, requiring adaptability and quick thinking.

This mode adds an element of unpredictability, challenging you to make the most of the equipment you are given and improvise your strategies accordingly. Covert Op Mode tests your ability to adapt to different scenarios and make the most out of limited resources.

Image via Tencent Games

Regardless of the mode you choose, it’s important to note that in multiplayer experiences, loot is shared among players. This promotes teamwork and coordination, as players must work together to ensure fair distribution of rewards, allowing everyone to benefit from the rewards equally.

By exploring both modes and embracing the cooperative nature of loot sharing, you can experience different gameplay dynamics and work towards building a formidable arsenal as you progress through the thrilling missions of Arena Breakout.

Arena Breakout Buffs and Debuffs


Buffs are bonus attributes that provide advantages to your character during combat, granting benefits in critical situations and enhancing overall performance. Let’s explore these buffs and their effects on your gameplay during missions or raids.

Sound Enhancement This buff improves your auditory perception by enhancing your ability to hear sounds through external devices or medicine.
PerseveranceWith this buff, your weight limit is increased, allowing you to carry more items without being encumbered.
RegenerationExperience continuous health restoration across all body parts with this buff effect, aiding your recovery during gameplay.
Stimulated Enjoy the benefits of increased maximum stamina, reduced energy costs, and a faster stamina recovery rate with this buff.
Sedated This effect grants immunity to pain, shielding you from its adverse effects for a period of time.
Signal TrackingGain the ability to periodically receive coordinates from the gold bar case with this buff, aiding your quest for valuable items.


Debuffs are adverse effects that work in contrast to buffs, inflicting harm upon your character when triggered by enemies. Let’s explore the debuffs that can negatively impact your gameplay experience.

WoundedExperience a continuous loss of search HP due to injury.
BrokenUnable to regain HP until treated with a surgical kit.
TinnitusSuffer from significantly impaired hearing ability.
Sound BlockingCertain equipment blocks your sound perception.
DehydratedEndure a gradual loss of search HP due to dehydration.
Overload Encounter reduced movement speed and increased fall damage.
Critical OverloadSignificantly decrease movement speed, prevent sprinting and jumping, and experience heightened fall damage.
PainVision becomes blurry, affecting your sight.
Slight HungerStamina cost increases and recovery rate decreases.
Moderate HungerWitness a reduction in max stamina and slower stamina recovery rate.
Severe HungerContinuous loss of search HP decreased max stamina and higher stamina cost.
Minor Lung Injury Encounter reduced movement speed and max stamina.
Severe Lung InjuryContinuous loss of search HP decreased max stamina and higher stamina cost.

Arena Breakout Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on areas with higher Loot

In a shooter game, it is of no use to survive on the battlefield with subliminal loot which will render you insufficient to effectively deal with the enemies posed against you. Without proper gear and loot, you will just be a helpless soldier who will become a liability to those around you.

Arena Breakout Map
Image via Tencent Games

In Arena Breakout, if you open the map in the game, you will be able to see which area has high concentrations of loot as they are highlighted. The better the loot you have, the more the chances are that you will be able to defeat the Bosses and the Scout Bosses without incurring unnecessary or heavy losses which are absolutely imperative for smooth gameplay.

2. Play as a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. And in the world of Arena Breakout, this age-old saying stands as true as ever. As a player, you get the freedom to choose whether you want to play alone in a solo game or with a squad while watching out for each other.

Arena Breakout
Image via Tencent Games

But if you try out both forms of gameplay, you will soon find out that playing with a squad gives you much better value for the same effort that you would otherwise put into playing alone. It is not like playing alongside other players in a squad automatically ramps up your gameplay and makes you invincible.

While it does offer significant advantages, most of the actions need to be taken based on precise communication and being a team player. By having efficient call-outs, and conveying the needs of the moment properly, a coordinated team is founded and becomes a sheer force to reckon with.

3. Keep tabs on your Armour

Armour is without a doubt one of the most important items available in any game that has it. It is crucial and has long been an indispensable and sought-after item in almost any game that involves the use of guns and other firearms. When equipped with armor, players incur damage less than what they would if they were not equipped with armor.

Arena Breakout inventory
Image via Tencent Games

The smallest difference in damage received can define whether the outcome of a gunfight favors you or not, which is where the extra buff provided by the armor comes into play. One thing you need to look out for while sporting a set of armor is the vulnerable points in it. “Chinks in the armor” as the saying goes, are places where the armor is not enough to protect and minimize the damage incurred.

In Arena Breakthrough, the arms and legs of the character controlled by the player constitute the exposed parts where the armor offers no resistance at all. Therefore, irrespective of the quality and level of the armour which you are equipped with, you will continue to receive a hundred percent damage from enemy shots directed at your limbs, that is, hands and legs.

The same is also applicable to all the enemies as well, thus enabling you to use the game mechanic to your advantage while also taking care to not render your vulnerable points exposed and thus lower your chances of survival.

4. Always try to retrieve Gear lost in battle

Being able to retrieve your lost loot and gear even after dying in combat is one of the best if not the best feature you can enjoy if you play with a squad. If worst comes to worst and you happen to die in the game due to some mishap then you can count on your teammates to pick up your gear and loot and then hand them over to you in the next game.

Arena Breakout
Image via Tencent Games

This is an extremely clutch feature, especially when you take into consideration that Arena Breakout does not provide any form of insurance to the players when they die. But you also have to keep in mind that the gear retrieved will not be accounted for if like you, your teammates end up dying on the battlefield as well.

In that case, all the items and gear collected and hoarded by your team will be lost as a whole. But if all goes well, this method works very well if you are keen on saving money and do not want to lose out on your premium gear.

5. Make yourself familiar with all the in-game Equipment

One step that you cannot skip to become well-versed in a game like Arena Breakout is to have a keen understanding of how the equipment in the game works. To do so, you have to pay close attention to how each element in the game works and read what their descriptions say.

Arena Breakout best gun combinations AKM
Image via Tencent

Each piece of equipment has a specific role they excel in and situations they are best suited for where its effectiveness is maximized. You also have to familiarize yourself with the various situations where specific gear is used to not use them carelessly and put yourself in danger later on.

For example, using a med kit makes you unable to perform other actions while the process is ongoing and thus makes you vulnerable to enemies who are trying to kill you. Therefore, to avoid making such mistakes which can end up biting you in the back, you have to learn the correct time to use the equipment and soon you will find yourself being a better player.

Final Thoughts

So this is it for our guide concerning the game Arena Breakout. We have shared what we thought was crucial information which is bound to come to use for anyone who is just getting into the game and is looking to get familiar with its elements. With a game as unique as Arena Breakout, the satisfaction gained from mastering it is indeed a lot. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Arena Breakout beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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