Arena Breakout: Best Loadouts and Gun combinations to outperform enemies

What are the best gun pairings in Arena Breakout? Find out!

Arena Breakout is the latest upcoming shooter game announced by the Chinese game-developing giant, Tencent Games and is currently in its testing phase. Although the game is still in testing, it has gotten much acclaim, due to it being unique and looking like a game that has a lot of potential moving on. In this article, we will be looking at the top five gun combinations that players can sport in the game and why they are good in Arena of Breakout.

Top 5 Gun combinations to try in Arena Breakout

The game has multiple categories of guns and an even more significant number of guns in it. Each category of the gun has its own strength and weaknesses that can be complemented by the guns of another category, in order to form a loadout, that will be the recipe for success. They will now take a look at what some of the most potent gun pairings in the game are and what sets them a notch above the other pairings.

1. Saiga -12 and RPK -16

The Saiga-12 is a shotgun while the RPK-16 is a light machine gun, commonly abbreviated as LMG. It is common knowledge that shotguns are especially potent in extremely close quarters and one shot from it is enough to absolutely demolish the enemy hit with it. The Saiga does not use pump-action, which makes it more viable in combat situations due to the lack of delay in between shots which is otherwise very common in a regular shotgun.

Arena Breakout best gun combinations RPK16
Image via Tencent

But the shotgun is rendered useless when dealing with a swarm of enemies who are spread out or at a distance. To counter this disadvantage, the RPK comes into play. Being an LMG, it can fire a vast number of rounds at once, enough to mow down hordes of enemies or keep them at bay if used properly. Therefore, using the RPK in general situations and the Saiga while clearing corners and tight spaces makes this gun pairing deadly. Although, it has a weakness against long-ranged assaults.

2. P90 and M4A1

The gun pairing of the P90 and the M4A1 is probably one of the, if not the most balanced gun combination in the game. It relies on the close-quarters efficiency of the P90 SMG and the overall versatility of the excellent M4A1 across nearly all ranges. The P90 has excellent hipfire precision and is great at rapidly taking down enemies who dare to pick a fight at close range. It also has 50 rounds per magazine, which is more than enough for a gun of the caliber of the P90.

Arena Breakout best gun combinations M4A1
Image via Tencent

The power of the P90 dwindles in mid and long ranges, and that is where the M4A1 comes into play. The M4A1 could be equipped with large scopes, the virtue of which one can keep enemies at bay from a distance. The M4A1 is also potent at short ranges and could cover the P90 should the situation demand it. This loadout has barely any weakness unless you want to count on a sniper for long-distance engagements.

3. AKM and SR-25

This is the perfect loadout if you are someone who likes to wreak havoc and go all out every time. The AKM needs no further introduction to anyone who is familiar with the gun. It is a true harbinger of destruction and can take care of enemies and mop them up for you every time without fail. The gun is lethal in all ranges, albeit the recoil is high in longer ranges, which players have to work a lot to master.

Arena Breakout best gun combinations AKM
Image via Tencent

But why worry about the long-range recoil when you can have a DMR by your side to pick off the enemies from a distance? The SR-25 does just that. It is extremely precise, and once you manage to use gunsmith and find out what attachments suit you best, the SR-25 will be like a storehouse of unlimited power in your hands. The only downside to this gun combo is probably the large number of 7.62mm ammunition required, which could be hard to come by at times.

4. AKS74U and AX50

The AKS74U is truly a wonder in its category, that is, the assault rifles class. The gun takes the best from both the worlds of an assault rifle and a submachine gun and combines them to make for an extremely versatile and powerful weapon, which can bail you out of multiple sticky situations. The AKS74U is extremely reliable and it is equally good at close range and mid-range.

Image via Tencent

The AX50, on the other hand, is the best bolt-action sniper rifle in the game. It is capable of taking down enemies with just one shot and can shoot up to the maximum rendering distance in the game. Combined with the AKS74U, this loadout has got all ranges covered and can take down enemies from any front, be it near or far. And once you master the AX50, maybe you can go for those trick shots at close range too, for extra cookie points.

5. UMP45 and VSS

This is the ultimate loadout for someone who is looking to play the game with a lot of stealth and finesse. When equipped with a suppressor, the UMP45 is one of the, if not the quietest guns in the game which can enable you to take down enemies close to you as they scramble to find out where they got shot from, all while you are safely tucked away somewhere.

Image via Tencent

The VSS is a DMR that comes with an integrated suppressor and is thus the quietest sniper available in the game. What it lacks in damage by using 9mm ammunition, it makes up with its automatic firing and the ability to fire a volley of 20 rounds at once. All in all, this loadout is perfect if you want to sneak out to the enemy without letting them know of your location, and thus not taking unnecessary fights which could be avoided.

Final Thoughts

So that is it for our list of the top five gun combinations which you can equip in your loadout in Arena Breakout. Although it should be noted that gun choices are more often than not something that differs from person to person. So it might be that your preferred choice of loadout might just differ from ours. With that in mind, we wish you the best of luck in this game.

What are your thoughts on the best gun combinations in Arena Breakout? Let us know in the comments below!

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