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Arena Breakout Guide: Tips to play with Friends in the game

Invite your friends and complete missions together!

Arena Breakout is developed by Tencent Games as an action first-person shooter that offers players an immersive experience as they take on diverse missions and challenges. The game features a multiplayer mode with a battle royale aspect, where teamwork plays a crucial role in achieving success. Adding friends to the game and playing together enhances the overall enjoyment and excitement for players.

Importance of playing with friends in Arena Breakout

In Arena Breakout, teamwork is not just an added advantage but a fundamental aspect essential for conquering the game’s challenging missions and overcoming various obstacles. Each mission demands a high level of coordination and cooperation among players to effectively tackle enemy forces, complete objectives, and secure victory.

Arena Breakout Gameplay
Image via Tencent Games

Working together with friends allows players to strategize in real time, make split-second decisions, and adapt to rapidly changing situations. The ability to communicate efficiently through voice chat or in-game messaging enables seamless coordination, ensuring that each team member understands their role and contributes to the overall success of the mission.

Introducing the Friends section in Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout offers multiple user-friendly windows that facilitate the process of finding and adding friends within the game. These intuitive features streamline the social aspect of gameplay, allowing players to easily connect with both existing friends and new acquaintances they meet during random matches.

Game Friends window

Upon entering the game, players can access the friend window in the upper-right corner, which provides various options related to their friend list. The first window that appears is the Game Friends section, displaying a list of their existing friends and their current status, such as whether they are online, playing, or offline.

Arena Breakout Game friends
Image via Tencent Games

In the Game Friends section, players have the convenience of viewing additional details about their friends, such as their in-game progress, achievements, and even their preferred characters or loadouts. This valuable information allows players to get a sense of their friends’ playstyles and strengths, which can be beneficial when forming strategic teams for various game modes and missions.

Recent Activity

In the friend window of Arena Breakout, there’s a section called Recent Activity that showcases players with similar playing times, regardless of whether you’ve played with them before. This list is curated by the game to enhance the likelihood of encountering and teaming up with these individuals, fostering spontaneous and enjoyable gameplay experiences based on shared habits.

Arena Breakout Recent activity
Image via Tencent Games

Additionally, players have the freedom to customize their preferences by filtering or adjusting settings such as usual playtime, date, and rank. This level of personalization allows players to find and connect with like-minded individuals, encouraging diverse collaborations and creating a vibrant and engaging gaming experience.

Recent Interaction

In the friend window of Arena Breakout, the Recent Interaction area offers a convenient and straightforward way for players to locate and connect with individuals they have recently teamed up with during random missions.

Arena Breakout Recent Interaction
Image via Tencent Games

This section becomes especially valuable when players have enjoyed playing with certain teammates and wish to collaborate with them again. Instead of searching through other sections or potentially losing track of those players, the “Recent Interaction” feature streamlines the process of finding and adding them to the friend list.

Invite Friends

In Arena Breakout’s Invite Friends section, players can participate in a referral program that encourages them to invite friends to join the game using a unique code. This referral system works both ways, providing in-game rewards to the existing player who invites their friends.

Arena Breakout invite friends
Image via Tencent Games

This also rewards the newly invited players when they use the code during the game’s initial stages. These in-game rewards can range from various items to in-game currency, incentivizing players to actively engage in the referral process.

How to add Friends in Arena Breakout

From the sections mentioned above, players have the option to add friends directly from those areas. If you wish to add a specific friend, you can do so using their username. Here is a simple process to add your friends to Arena Breakout.

Arena Breakout add friend
Image via Tencent Games
  • Click on the profile icon of the friend you want to add or ask for their username.
  • Go to the friend’s section and tap on the precise search option.
  • Input the username of the friend you want to add in the provided window.
  • If your friend accepts the friend request, you will find them in the Game Friends window, where you can see their current game status.

How to play with Friends in Arena Breakout

Playing with friends in Arena Breakout offers an unparalleled gaming experience, enriched by the camaraderie and familiarity shared among teammates. Collaborating with friends enhances teamwork, as players can easily coordinate strategies, cover each other’s backs, and complement their individual strengths.

  • After adding your friends, find them easily in the game friends section.
  • Invite them to join your group to play together.
  • If they accept, you become the lobby leader.
  • Select your desired game mode and map.
  • Queue up and embark on thrilling battles, conquer enemies, and complete missions as a team.

The ease of communication fosters seamless coordination during intense battles and allows for instant feedback and adjustments. This not only leads to more victories and achievements but also creates lasting memories of shared triumphs and thrilling moments.

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