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Arena Breakout Valley Map Guide: Best Loot Locations, Spawns, Rotations, and Strategies

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Arena Breakout Valley for Victory

Valley is the second map you unlock in Arena Breakout, and it offers a unique gaming experience with its vast landscape and abundant sniping opportunities. In this guide, we’ll cover the best loot locations, spawn points, rotations, and strategies to help you succeed in Valley.

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Valley Map Overview: Weapon Choices and Playstyle

To start with, it’s crucial to choose your weapons wisely. In Valley, mid to long-range weapons tend to perform better, especially for beginners. Running with short-range weapons can be challenging, as successful rotations are essential to getting close to your enemies.

Weapon Choices for Valley map in Arena Breakout
Image via Level Infinite

Consider using assault rifles like the AK102 and M4, as well as snipers and marksman rifles, which are excellent choices due to the numerous high-ground sniping spots.

Best Loot and Spawn Locations in the Arena Breakout Valley Map

Here are the various spawn locations and recommended strategies for both PvP and loot-focused playstyles:

West Frontline Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Hang around the spawn area for a couple of minutes.
  • Head directly towards Small Factory after a brief wait.
  • Exercise caution when approaching Small Factory as it’s a hotspot for both loot and PvP action.

East Frontline Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Slowly move towards Small Factory.
  • Avoid waiting too long at your spawn point as other players may be closing in.
  • Keep an eye out for enemy movements.


  • Head towards this spawn point and hold angles to catch players heading for Small Factory.
  • If no enemy team spawns here, proceed directly to Small Factory.

Supply Camp Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Head straight for Small Factory.
  • Quickly loot the box and loot the safe and case downstairs.
  • If the area is peaceful, loot jackets and cabinets in the stairway entrances.
  • Expect players to come for Small Factory loot; be prepared for PvP.
Arena Breakout valley
Image via Tencent Games

RV Camp

  • After looting RV Camp, head towards the most famous sniping spot in Valley.
  • Use the cliff to scope into the villa in Valley Village for potential snipes.
  • Head towards the villa using the eastern route for safer entry.
  • The villa offers two free safes, one electronic safe, and abundant loot in cabinets, jackets, cases, and PCs.
  • Consider holding the villa if you want more player kills or loot.

Radar Station Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Run up the platform to loot the area.
  • Listen for footsteps from other players.
  • Proceed towards Small Factory using the same route mentioned earlier.
  • If no one is at the spawn, they may already be in the port.
  • Use boxes to enter the port quickly and safely.

South Radar Station Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Wait for a few minutes and hide at your spawn point.
  • If no players arrive, head to Port Loot and stay on the beachhead.
  • Listen for gunshots from Villa; if you hear them, head to Factory. If not, proceed to Villa.


  • Head for the spawn point Arena Breakout Valley Map, as players often go straight for the port.
  • Try to catch them from behind.

Port Spawn

  • For both PvP and Loot modes, head straight to the port.
  • The port provides more cover for gunfights.
  • Wait for other players to arrive before making your move.

North RV Camp Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Head directly to RV Camp.
  • After looting, proceed to Small Factory if you don’t hear gunshots.
  • Continue to Supply Camp, loot quickly, and make your way to the AirDrop.
  • If there’s a fight in Villa, use the chaos to loot the AirDrop.
  • If Villa is quiet, loot it.


  • Head straight to RV Camp and secure loot early.
  • Decide between going to Small Factory, third-partying ongoing fights there, or camping on a sniping hill for easy kills.

Valley Village Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Head straight to the villa and use the east route for entry into the back of the villa.
  • Beware of potential threats from the sniping hill by this spawn.


  • Avoid the RV Camp spawn, as it has a high-ground advantage.
  • Head toward the hill and wait for players approaching the villa.
  • Players often run across the beach from this spawn, making them easy targets.

Pinot Radio Station Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Go straight for the villa; the radio station doesn’t offer exceptional loot.
  • Beware of enemy teams rushing you while looting inside.
  • Cut through the trees to reach your destination safely.


  • Head for the spawn point, aiming to catch players looting the radio station.
  • You can use grenades to your advantage if you encounter players already inside.

Barn Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Loot the barn where you spawn and then head to RV Camp.
  • Before proceeding to RV Camp, check for enemies from the adjacent spawn.


  • Head for the spawn point, then go to RV Camp and the Sniping Hill.
  • Choose between the Factory or Villa based on the direction of ongoing gunfights.

Northeast Farm Spawn

Loot Mode

  • Head straight to the small barn for loot.
  • Proceed to RV Camp and then the village.
  • If Villa is quiet, use the east side flank entry route.
  • Consider the longer, safer route to the factory, avoiding the dangers of the beach.
  • Loot Supply Camp before heading to the extraction point.
  • Always check for extraction point campers in the dense cover.

Arena Breakout Valley Map Guide: Tips for Extraction

Valley Locations in Arena
Image via Level Infinite
  • Be aware that extraction points in Valley have ample hiding spots; check everywhere for campers.
  • Maintain a full stamina bar and use painkillers as you approach the extraction point.
  • Never rush into the extraction point with no stamina, as this makes you an easy target for campers.

Arena Breakout Valley Map: Valley Lockdown Zone


The Valley Lockdown Zone offers a more challenging experience with higher entry requirements, equipment values, and fees. However, it provides more supplies, containers, and better loot, making it suitable for experienced players.

Key Resource Sites

Focus on the RV Camp, Small Factory, and Beach Villa for valuable supplies in the Lockdown Zone. Beware of challenging Boss Squads and Boss Adjudin, as enemy NPCs are tougher.

Loot Paths

Choose your initial resource point based on your spawn location, but be cautious of the increased difficulty in the Lockdown Zone. Coordination with a team is recommended for beginners.

Extraction Points

Utilize the available extraction points, keeping in mind the requirements and challenges. Dos’s Token is needed for the Beach Villa extraction point, and some extraction points are exclusive to the Lockdown Zone.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the Valley map requires strategic thinking, knowledge of spawn points, and efficient loot routes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide provides valuable insights to help you succeed in Arena Breakout’s challenging Valley map. Good luck and happy looting!

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