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Avatar Generations Hero Tier List for February 2023

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Avatar Generations is a new story-driven RPG for mobile based on the popular universe of Avatar. It features an in-depth storyline, which guides players through stories from the original TV show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. A key element to Avatar Generations is the strategy – with a collection of individually unique heroes, the game encourages tactical thinking in turn-based battles. Players can expand their own collection of heroes through the gacha-like Summoning features. Of course, a roster of unique heroes brings up the question of which heroes stand out as the better ones in the game. In this Avatar Generations tier list, we rank all the characters based on their in-game worth relative to the others.

Avatar Generations Hero Tier List for February 2023

It’s important to note that this Avatar Generations tier list should be taken with a pinch of salt. Some opinions are subjective, and certain heroes may seem weak to some but strong to others. The tier list is divided into 4 categories, which are as follows:

Strong (S)Aang (Avatar State),
Suki (Kyoshi Warrior),
Katara (Bending Master),
Toph (Earth Kingdom)
Good (A)Iroh (Fire Nation),
Zuko (Agni Kai),
Zuko (Invader),
Zhao (Agni Kai)
Fair (B)Sokka (Water Tribe),
Aang (Last Airbender),
Gyatso (Air Nomad),
Zuko (Fire Nation),
Sokka (War Paint)
Average (C)Katara (Water Tribe),
Tyro (Earth Kingdom),
Toph (Blind Bandit)

Best Meta Heroes for Avatar Generations in February 2023

Best Offense Hero – Aang (Avatar State)

There are a lot of great heroes in the Offense class but the highlight is Aang (Avatar State). Perhaps the fact that he is the face of the game adds some bias in his favor but there’s no denying he is a very powerful character.

Image via Square Enix

The fact that he can inflict attacks based on any element is good in itself, but the fact that he can change his attack to counter defensive buffs on the enemy team is even better. He has a great set of skills and can deal lots of damage in battle.

Best Defense Hero – Suki (Kyoshi Warrior)

Image via Square Enix

Suki’s attributes are built like a tank with high health, but also lots of damage as well, making for a lethal combination. She withstands enemy damage and counters at the same time as well, essentially just absorbing it and then firing it straight back. Her skills include increased ATK when damaged, in addition to the ability to strip off buffs on the other team.

Best Mind Hero – Zuko (Agni Kai)

Image via Square Enix

Compared to the best Offense and Defence heroes, Zuko may not be on that level, but within his own Mind class, he is certainly one of the better options. Zuko is quite a balanced hero with the ability to inflict decent amounts of damage. His passive abilities are particularly strong, and boost his attributes in-game, making him even more powerful, and he also has the ability to take additional turns as well.


Having released recently, Avatar Generations still has plenty of room to expand its roster of heroes which is fairly small right now for a team-building game. However, we have managed to get an idea of the kind of heroes which work best in Avatar Generations. It seems attack is the best form of defense right now, as there are more higher-performing Offense characters than in the other classes.

Dealing damage looks to be more effective than healing wounds and shielding damage from the enemy team. That’s not to say the other classes aren’t good though. For example, Suki of the Defence class provides support in a different way to the others in her class, which makes her very effective.

For new players, starting off with an S Tier hero is ideal, and can help power through the initial stages with ease. It is possible to try this using the initial free resources in the Summoners shop. Even if you are unsuccessful, it is still possible to reroll and continue trying, by checking our Reroll guide on the game.

Did you find this Avatar Generations Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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