Best decks in Clash Royale season 4

With the new balance changes being live a couple of days ago, people already started experimenting on the newly improved cards, such as Witch, Wall Breakers and more! For some players, it is very easy to find a suitable deck, while for others it can be tough. So, in this article, we have come up with the suggestions on the best decks in Clash Royale season 4!

#3 Golem Night Witch

golem night witch

With the newly improved Night Witch, the Golem Beatdown archetype is back! This bad girl can now spawn two extra Bats at death, so people are back experimenting with her in this new meta!

There are a few versions of this deck. Many people run different spells or different support cards. Though, the main idea is always the same: start a Golem in the back and stack Bats behind him with the Night Witch! Even if you take a bit of damage to your tower, that’s not a problem. Just try to save elixir and build a monster push!

#2 Giant Witch

clash royale season 4 giant witch

One of the most famous combos in the game is back! Giant + Witch makes his appearance on the new meta after the Witch rework! She is now very similar to an area-damage Musketeer who can spawn Skeletons around her. Even if she can die to Fireball + Zap now, she still is much stronger than before! Especially with a tank-like Giant in front!

Even though the Fisherman got a bit of a nerf in the previous balance changes, he still remains really strong! You can use him in this deck in order to pull all the opponent’s defensive units from your Giant! Try to build the best push ever and take those crowns!

#1 Royal Giant Fisherman

royal giant fisherman

This has been one of the best decks in the previous meta, and it’s surprisingly still used a lot! It’s free-to-play friendly, easy to use and extremely powerful! Even after the Fisherman nerf, this deck remains very prevalent into the top meta. We don’t expect a decrease in usage-rate anytime soon!

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Many people like to use it with Earthquake, while others prefer bigger spells like Fireball. Every spell has pros and cons, and these aren’t any different! Just use the one you’re the most familiar with, also depending on the decks you’re facing!

Of course, the meta is going to evolve a lot during the season. We don’t really know which decks are going to be viable in a couple of weeks, but we’ll keep you updated! Remember to frequently check our website to see new posts about the best decks in Clash Royale, and much more!

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