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Bless Global: 5 Best tips to increase the combat power (CP)

Be sure to maximize your combat power as soon as possible in the game!

The game, Bless Global is a fantasy MMO RPG game developed by Tigon Mobile and offers deep and detailed gameplay where players can customize their character as they like and fight off unique bosses while experiencing an exquisite medieval environment, subtle facial animations, and stylistic outfits with intricate designs that contribute to a visually convincing world. The game as stated before offers a lot of bosses to fight with hence in this article we will discuss how you can increase your combat power in the game Bless Global.

Combat Power defines your total power in your attacks

Combat power is something that should not be ignored in the game. CP defines how solid and strong your blows would be thus it defines the total damage in your attacks.

Naturally, as you will level up the statistics of the character overall would increase as well but what if we would tell you that you can increase it even faster than waiting for leveling up? Yes, it can be increased even faster in this article we will share a few tips and tricks as to how you can Increase the combat power in Bless Global.

Bless Global Character Tier List, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

Higher CP is vital for players to advance further in the story

The game, Bless Global makes it absolutely vital for players to understand the importance of Combat Power from early on in the game. Ever since you start in the game, you are subjected to attacks from all sorts of enemies, action is always a part of the game.

Combat Power will ultimately define how far you will be able to reach in the game, of course, combat power is not the same for every character in the game, there are 5 different classes in the game, be sure to refer to our Class guide for the game to pick the right character for your game.

As you will progress further in the game you will encounter tougher opponents who will require more effort to kill and defeat, thus you will have to be ready with appropriate gear and a higher Combat Power to even stand a chance against these creatures. Be sure to refer to this guide in order to help increase your Combat Power early on in the game.

How to increase Combat Power in Bless Global

1. Keep upgrading the equipment

The most sensible thing to do is to just upgrade the armor and weapons which will complement your health and defense in the game. This can be further upgraded by using potions and other skill-boosting materials in the game which can be bought through the shops. This provides a very well-needed boost when fighting higher-skilled and higher-level bosses in the game

Bless Global combat power, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

2. Your Pets and Mounts add up to the Combat Power

The Pets and Mounts also add up to your attacking prowess as they also attack your enemies and can provide agility in terms of speed. Some pets can have devastating attacking statistics and can fit very well with your player’s abilities.

3. Clear the dungeons and defeat bosses to increase the Combat Power

You can increase the combat power and defeat bosses to get big rewards and experience points which will definitely increase your overall stats in the game, including the combat power, however, this is a very generalized manner of increasing combat power and isn’t that helpful.

4. Keep upgrading the skills of characters to improve Combat Power stats

Skills can add devastating effects to your combat power, probably the most straightforward manner to add more combat power. Skills are directly used in combat and can help you directly in battle, hence upgrading skills as soon as possible should be one of your topmost priorities in the game.

Bless Global combat power, Bless Global
Image via Tigon Mobile

5. Completing Achievements also awards CP points

Achievements can be found on the leaderboards in the game once they are completed additional character points are awarded which can help the players level up faster in the game thus increasing the combat power overall.

We hope that by keeping the above points in mind players would be able to add more combat power points faster to their character and would be able to fight the ultimate bosses while clearing dungeons with a certain ease.

Did you find this Bless Global Combat Power Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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