Brawl Stars Championship Challenge June 2022 Guide: Maps, Team Comps and Best Builds

Best team compositions for all game modes!

The Brawl Stars Championship Challenge is back in June 2022. It is a monthly in-game challenge, to qualify for the local and global Esports events. Players are required to win 15 matches in 5 different game modes that are shuffled every time. Players will be able to use all, star powers and gadgets, to keep the playing level equal. This Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide for June 2022 will look at the maps for this month’s challenge, guiding players with tips and the best team builds to win the challenge.

Brawl Starts Championship Challenge June 2022: Tournament Format 

Players need to win 15 matches in 5 game modes to qualify for the online qualifiers. Friendly rules are applied to this challenge, meaning players will be able to use all gadgets, star powers, and gears to keep the playing ground level.

Players need to ensure that they don’t overcome a lot of losses, as they won’t be able to qualify if they lose three or more games.

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Guide: Game modes and maps for June 2022

Gem Grab – Hardrock Mine  

Hardrock Mine is a pretty easy map that players can get a grasp of. A variety of brawlers can be used in this map, as long as their style powers are utilized rightly. The best brawlers for this map would be Sandy, Rico, and Eve. However, Tara, Gene, and Rosa are also viable here. Players can form combinations with these brawlers and make a deadly combo. 

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge June 2022
Image via Supercell

Team Compositions

  • Rico, Eve, Sandy
  • Rico, Tara, Gene
  • Tara, Rosa, Sandy

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Sandy: Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds
  • Rico: Multiball Launcher and Super Bouncy
  • Eve: Happy Surprise
  • Tara: Psychic Enhancer and Black Portal
  • Gene: Vengeful Spirits and Spirit Slap
  • Rosa: Unfriendly Bushes, Thorny Gloves

Hot Zone – Split 

Split has recently been added back into the competitive map pool. Although players would not have played a lot of games in the Split, it seems to be quite similar to most other maps. The best team combination would be Primo, Gale, and Frank. With the help of Gale’s launch pad, Primo can make full use of it to control the area, given that he is a strong individual. Surge, Bibi, and Ash can also be used on this map. 

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Hot Split
Image via Supercell

Team Compositions

  • Bibi, Primo, Gale
  • Frank, Surge, Bibi
  • Primo, Gale, Surge

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Primo: Suplex Supplement and El Fuego 
  • Ash: Chill Pill and First Bash 
  • Frank: Active Noise Cancelling and Power Grab
  • Gale: Spring Ejector and Blustery Blow
  • Bibi: Vitamin Booster and Home Run 
  • Surge: Power Surge and To The Max! 

Knockout – Belle’s Rock 

Belle’s Rock is a map with intense finishes, and in the knockout mode, it is even more intense. Since the mode is focused on knockouts, players are advised to use mid-range brawlers or throwers. The best brawlers in this range are Leon, Belle, and Sprout. Leon is one of the best options to use in Knockout. With his ranged abilities and invisibility skills, he can give a lot of pressure on his enemies. Eve, Tick, and Spike are equally worth picks in this map and mode as well. 

Brawl Stars Championship Challenge June 2022 Belle’s Rock
Image via Supercell

Team Compositions

  • Leon, Belle, Spike
  • Sprout, Spike, Tick
  • Eve, Leon, Sprout

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Leon: Clone Projector and Invisiheal 
  • Sprout: Transplant and Overgrowth
  • Tick: Mine Mania and Well Oiled
  • Eve: Happy Surprise 
  • Belle: Nest Egg and Grounded
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion and Curveball

Bounty – Canal Grande

Canal Grande is another map that is back with the latest update, along with Split. In this map, players should focus on spawn trapping as it highly pressurizes the enemies. However, brawlers like Eve can easily escape from such cases as she can flow over the water. The best brawlers on this map are Janet, Mr. P, and Eve. Apart from these brawlers, Mortis, Squeak, and Tick are really good options as well.

Bounty- canal grande
Image via Supercell

Team Compositions

  • Eve, Janet, Squeak
  • Eve, Tick, Mortis 
  • Mortis, Tick, Mr. P

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Eve: Happy Surprise
  • Mr. P: Service Bell and Revolving Door
  • Janet
  • Squeak: Windup and Chain Reaction 
  • Tick: Mine Mania and Well Oiled
  • Mortis: Combo Spinner and Creepy Harvest 

Brawl Ball – Super Beach 

Brawl Ball is one of the fun modes to play. However, when players take it seriously, they go all in. For these kinds of modes, Eve, Bea, and Mr. P are the best picks. Eve dominates in almost every mode, due to her ability to adapt to different situations. Brawlers such as Max, Jacky, and Colonel Ruffs are viable options too. 

Brawl Stars Super Beach Game Mode
Image via Supercell

Team Compositions

  • Colonel Ruffs, Eve, Bea
  • Eve, Mr. P, Max
  • Ash, Bea, Colonel Ruffs

Gadgets and Star Powers

  • Eve: Happy Surprise
  • Mr. P: Service Bell and Revolving Door
  • Colonel Ruffs: Air Support and Air Superiority 
  • Bea: Honey Molasses and Insta Beeload
  • Jacky: Pneumatic Booster and Counter Crush 
  • Max: Phase Shifter and Super Charged

Final Thoughts 

The Brawl Stars Championship Challenge brings fun and exciting modes to play from, with a high level of competitiveness at the same time. With the return of some maps this month, we expect some new strategies, new team compositions, and top-notch gameplay from players overall.

We hope that you have found this Brawl Stars Championship Challenge guide for June 2022 useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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