Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Guide: Maps, Team Comps and Best builds

Tips and tricks to compete in the Daredevil Challenge!

What happens when you give professional athletes the freedom to design Brawl Stars maps? The Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge includes such Brawl encounters in this week’s Brawl Stars’ latest challenge! This high-octane, very intense challenge involves three different Duo Showdown maps. All the maps have been designed by different professional athletes of different disciplines. In this guide, we will guide players on how to go about playing on each map, the best brawler combinations, their best builds, and the best gear for each Brawler in the Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge. Let us get started!

Brawl Stars Duo Showdown Challenge Guide: Tournament Format and Maps


The three Duo Showdown maps have been designed by the following athletes:

  • Jump Park: The map Jump Park has been designed by professional skateboarder and stunt man William Spencer.
  • Brawler Speedway: The map Brawler Speedway has been designed by Stuntfreaksteam, a team of daring, extreme motorsport athletes.
  • Teleport Tag: The map Teleport Tag has been designed by Charles Poujarde, professional parkour and chase tag athlete.

General tips and tricks for the Duo Showdown challenge

  • The most basic tip is, of course, to play with a friend. Playing with randoms makes the challenging way harder since team synergy is not guaranteed.
  • In all of the maps, it is important to keep moving, as the poison gas keeps creeping in from outside the edges of the map.
  • If you play with a good random, make sure to add them, and then you can play with them.
  • Always make sure to rank in 2nd place or higher, as every ranking below 2nd place counts as a loss.
  • Keeping the above points in mind, sometimes surviving is better than winning so don’t run after every single powerup, and don’t try to chase dangerous unnecessary kills.

Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Guide: Best Team Comps

1. Jump Park Daredevil Challenge

Jump Park Daredevil Challenge
Image via Supercell Games

A map that is literally full of jump pads, Jump Park is the ultimate test of mobility. In addition to the poison gas creeping in from the edges, there are a sizeable number of poison gas pockets. This makes the jump pads all the more threatening. Stepping on the required jump pads, while running through the rest, is quite the challenging task. Energy Drinks spawn periodically to help with that though.

Team Compositions

  • Eve, Edgar/Bonnie/Leon/Max

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Eve: Happy Surprise and Gotta Go
  • Edgar: Hard Landing and Hardcore
  • Bonnie: Wisdom Tooth and Sugar Rush
  • Leon: Invisiheal and Clone Projector
  • Max: Super Charged and Phase Shifter

Since mobility is a requirement here, the Speed Gear is a must on almost all brawlers. Along with that, since the poison gas constantly keeps creeping in, the Health gear is great for recovering health quicker.

2. Brawler Speedway

Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Brawler Speedway
Image via Supercell Games

Quite the opposite of Jump Park, Brawler Speedway lets your speed through the map without numerous jump pads to hinder you. Supers also charge very fast here. Therefore, playing brawlers with impactful Supers can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Team Compositions:

  • Tara, EMZ/Eve/Ricochet

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Tara: Black Portal and Psychic Enhancer
  • EMZ: Bad Karma and Friendzoner
  • Eve: Happy Surprise and Gotta Go
  • Ricochet: Robo Retreat and Multiball Launcher

Speed is already a core part of the map, so the Speed gear is not needed. But, since this map charges Supers way faster, the Shield and Heal gears are great choices.

3. Teleport Tag Daredevil Challenge

Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Teleport Tag Daredevil Challenge
Image via Supercell Games

The map that is closest to normal is on this list. Teleporters exist near all corners of the inner square and the outer square. The healing pads help to heal Brawlers and then the teleportation pads help the Brawler to get right back into the fight. A robot boss also chases you around the map, so having a teammate who knows what they’re doing is very important. The more bosses you kill, the more power cubes you get.

Team Compositions

  • Crow, EMZ
  • Edgar, Bibi
  • Shelly, Spike

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Crow: Slowing Toxin and Extra Toxic
  • EMZ: Bad Karma and Friendzoner
  • Edgar: Hard Landing and Hardcore
  • Shelly: Shell Shock and Clay Pigeons
  • Spike: Curveball and Popping Pincushion

The best gears for all Brawlers here are the Shield Gear and Damage gear.

Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Rewards

  • 700 Star Points
  • 700 Coins
  • 3 Big Boxes
  • A brand-new, challenge-exclusive Spray!

We hope that you have found this Brawl Stars Daredevil Duo Showdown Challenge Guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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