Brawl Stars Guide: Tips to earn Power Points in the game

Here's how to gain Power Points!

Power Points in Brawl Stars are points that players require to upgrade a brawler to the next level. This unlocks new features as the brawler upgrades. They are easy to collect through several means. In this article, we will be listing down the ways a player can follow to collect some Power points in Brawl Stars.

How to get Power Points in Brawl Stars

A brawler can be upgraded to its next level once a certain number of Power Points for that specific brawler is obtained. Players can upgrade it up to Level 11, with every Level increasing the brawler’s damage and health by around 5%. Below are the ways from which players can obtain Power points.

1. Brawl Boxes

Power Points are often available in the Brawl Boxes. Brawl boxes are one of the most commonly attainable items in Brawl Stars. The number of Power points depends on the size of the Brawl box – the smaller the box, the lesser the Power points received.

2. Brawl Pass

Brawl Stars Power Points
Image via Supercell

Players can obtain Power points from both – the Brawl Pass and the Free Pass. In these passes, a fair amount of Power points is available where players can choose the Brawler to which they want to give the Power points. It is recommended for players to purchase the Brawl Pass if they require more Power points.

3. Trophy Road

Brawl Stars Power Points
Image via Supercell

On reaching a certain number of trophies, players get to select the brawler to which they want to give the Power Points. Both, the trophy road and the brawl pass, ultimately provide Power points on attaining a certain tier/trophies.

4. Daily Deals

Brawl Stars Power Points
Image via Supercell

Power points for specific brawlers can be purchased from the Daily Deals available in the Shop every day. Players can buy using coins and also collect them for free if lucky. These deals refresh daily – so if a player needs Power points for a specific brawler and it is available in the Shop, make sure to grab it while you can.

Final Thoughts

Power Points are a vital part of a brawler’s strength, as it makes the brawler more powerful and versatile as it levels up. With a pool of options to collect the Power points, one can easily get hold of a lot of Power points if actively participated in games. Most of the high-tier players have their main brawlers completely maxed out. Hence, players are highly recommended to max the brawlers they primarily use, first.

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