Brawl Stars Guide: Tips to get a Brawl Box in the game

Get Brawl Boxes in the game with ease!

Players often get a lot of questions when it comes to Brawl Stars, given that it is a uniquely-designed game with lots of features and modes. However, it gets pretty confusing as the game offers a lot and players would not know about them. In this article, we shall discuss Brawl boxes and how to win a Brawl box in Brawl Stars.

How to get a Brawl box in Brawl Stars

Brawl boxes are the basic level of a loot box that offers players power points, coins, and sometimes bonus rewards such as Token Doublers and Gems. Players can obtain a Brawl box by purchasing it via Gems, daily rewards, or from the free Brawl Pass. Players have rewarded a Brawl box from the Brawl Pass after every 400 tokens collected.

Brawl Stars Brawl Box
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The Token Doubler will help players to fasten up their Brawl Pass and hence, grab the Brawl boxes sooner at the same time. If lucky, players can unlock new brawlers from the Brawl boxes themselves. The better versions of Brawl boxes include Big box and Mega box.

The Big box is just a slightly advanced version of a Brawl box as it contains more quantity than the latter with higher chances to unlock higher rarity brawlers, while the Mega box is the best of them all containing loot that is 10 times than that of the Brawl box. It also has even higher chances of unlocking high rarity brawlers compared to both the other boxes.

Final Thoughts

Brawl boxes are one of the easiest and few methods to grab hold of those unique new brawlers. Players need to play quite a lot to get these boxes, but it’s worth the grind as it provides a heap of rewards. At present, the Brawl Stars Championship 2022 is ongoing and players can participate to win great prizes and qualify for the next stage by winning 15 games across five stages. Players can also win three Brawl boxes by winning all games in the First Stage.

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