Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Bros Tier List for April 2024

Unlock the Best Buddies and being the Coin Hunter!

Bros are the primary resources that need to be looked after. From the beginning of the journey, you need to know all about the best Bros in this action-packed multiplayer game. This will help you to learn about them and also ignite your enthusiasm for unlocking the best one in the game. Every Bro has unique and extraordinary features that set a boundary between their Power Levels. So, here I’ve delivered a piece on Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Bros Tier List for all my fellow newcomers. 

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Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Bros Tier List

All the Bros have unique talents and powers that make their own identity compared to others. The more powerful the Bro, more easier you’ll be able to clear the rounds. So, check out the table below that divides all the Bros into three different Tiers; S, A, and B.

Strong (S)Indie 
Good (A)Lobster 
Average (B)Bachete
Mr. Tea 

Best Bros in Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter for April 2024

1. Indie 

Indie brings trouble to both terrors and rival bros. This character specializes in close combat. Indie has an advantage over his Bro Menace and Vitality that makes it the strongest Bro in the game. Special Attacks like Armored Bugs release a swarm of bugs from Indie’s sleeves.

Image via Donut Lab

These bugs are ready to tear apart all the rival bros. Such attacks are the strongest ones you can witness in the game. This special attack covers a Distance of 3.2 Meters and a Radius of 1.7 Meters.

2. Clara 

Clara is quite a deadly character. She can easily kill someone with her deadly gaze and the pistol just rests comfortably on her hands. She’s a total maniac and has a great advantage over her Vitality and Power.

Image via Donut Lab

Clara’s Special Attack is Coin Radar, this attack seizes coins from the rival bros by deploying traps on the terrain. This amazing attack covers a wide Distance of 3 Meters along with a Radius of 4 Meters.

3. Monk

Monk is considered the most mysterious bro in Bro Royale. This guy casually casts a thunderous judgment upon those who dare to challenge him. Also, he is a true master of Combat Teleportation and Electroshocks along with a Balanced Vitality, Bro Menace, and Power.

Image via Donut Lab

The Ultimate Attack, that is Fast Switching, swaps places with another Bro. you and your ally will also get a time shield. The rival bro, that gets swapped with you, will get weak. This attack covers a Distance of 3.7 Meters and a Radius of 1.9 Meters

Final Thoughts

Bros are one of the most important aspects to look out for. All the Bros you see in the game aren’t the best, but to reach higher levels, you need to get help from the best ones. Just setting traps won’t let you win matches, the Bro you select must have other advantages other than just an Epic Ultimate Attack. Therefore, follow up on this Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Bros Tier List to effectively choose Bros for your matches.

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