Clash of Clans: How to beat the Happy New Year 2023 Challenge

Easily earn three stars in the Happy New Year 2023 challenge!

Just like other occasions, Clash of Clans has again come up with their new, Happy New Year 2023 challenge. Just like other previous events, Supercell has come up with an event base and thus players need to destroy the base completely to get those 3 stars and receive the event rewards as well. Thus, let us go through the detailed guide through which players can easily get 3 stars on this new event base. 

Introducing the Happy New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans 

Clash of Clans Happy New Year 2023 challenge
Image via Supercell

On this auspicious occasion of New Year that is being celebrated by all the people worldwide, Clash of Clans has also introduced a Happy New Year challenge for the players as well to wish and congratulate them with great rewards as well. On clearing the bases, Clash of Clans is giving players 400 EXP points and one Builder Potion as the event reward. 

How to beat the Happy New Year event in Clash of Clans 

The Happy New Year event base is a tricky base and it is to showcase the new hero skin for the Gold Pass, the Warrior Champion. To begin with, the given troops, make sure the Grand Warden is set to ground, select the golems and place one of those in the right area of the map, this will pop the Tesla and get rid of the Skeleton traps.

Clash of Clans Happy New Year 2023 challenge base
Image via Supercell

A wizard to the most Southern Storage, a Wizard to the most northern storage with one to the storage on the right of the Town Hall, this will actually pop the invisibility spell tower. Now the four dragon statues, place a Golem on each of those followed by a PEKKA. On each of those, the King and Grand Warden to the southern statue followed by the Queen and Two Wizards to the Eastern statue. Zooming in on the King’s ability, as it wants the barbarians to spawn, the Grand Warden’s ability will try to do it before that giant bomb goes off.

Next, place the Royal Champion to the Grand Warden statue, and a Wizard to the cannon on the left of that. Once both of those defenses go down players can place the two of the Wizards behind the Royal Champion to try and target the gold storage along with a backup of the Queen. When she is on around 50 health and attacking the town hall that is when players must use her ability, if the players are lucky then they can redirect her ego to try and save the Royal Champion ability until after the scatter shots are down.

Most of the time players can do this and then use the Ability, this will help get to the eagle artillery at the back end. Sometimes the Archer Queen survives to take that out, even if not then the players will get this three-star. Thus, by at last getting a proper 3-star win, players will be rewarded with the Builders Potion and 400 EXP points.

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Happy New Year 2023 challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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