Clash Royale: 3 Best Decks for Heist Mode with tips

Dominate the Heist mode with these decks!

Heist is a game mode that is only available to play in Special Event Challenges, Party Mode, Private Tournaments, and certain seasons of Clan Wars – Collection Day. The game mode is completely different from the classic Clash Royale match, as it doesn’t consist of any defensive Towers. In this Clash Royale article, we shall discuss the primary necessities in a deck for the Heist mode and 3 decks that can be used to win in Heist battles.

Heist mode in Clash Royale

In the Heist game mode, a non-defensive tower, the Safe, is present on both sides and is placed at the King Tower’s spot. No defensive towers are present, hence Spawner cards like the Witch, Night Witch, Barbarian Hut, etc. can come into play. A heavy tank like the PEKKA, Mega Knight, etc. is a must-have in order to form a strong offensive unit.

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Buildings like the Inferno Tower can be considered if players do not wish to have a heavy unit in their deck. The Goblin Drill can also prove to be a hefty contributor to damaging the Safe. Inferno Dragon or the Mighty Miner can be brutal in this game mode, as it damages to a great extent over time.

In terms of Spells, Arrows, rockets, or fireballs would be ideal, because they can be used anywhere and they can support really well in the offensive and defensive strategies. The graveyard is one of the best cards in this game mode, as it can severely affect the Safe if ignored. With all these options, one can create a number of decks as per their preference and comfort.

Best Decks for Heist mode in Clash Royale

1. Firecracker + Inferno Dragon + Graveyard

Average elixir cost: 4.0

Fireball + Goblin Drill + Executioner
Image via Supercell
  • Firecracker: Splash damage and ability to shoot from a distance.
  • Inferno Dragon: To counter heavy tanks and deal high damage to the Safe.
  • Graveyard: Offensive unit used to deal severe damage to the Safe.
  • Rocket: Chip damage to the Safe and destroy a group of troops. Can be replaced by Fireball or Knight (as per player’s preference).
  • Skeleton Army: Supportive unit to counter any incoming troop from damaging the Safe. Can be replaced by Valkyrie (as per the player’s preference).
  • Zappies: To counter Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Mighty Miner, and other large troops.
  • Dart Goblin: To partially counter graveyard and handle a horde of troops such as minion horde, skeleton army, etc.
  • Hog Rider: Deal damage to the Safe. Can be replaced by Ram Rider.

2. Fireball + Goblin Drill + Executioner

Average elixir cost: 4.0

Fireball + Goblin Drill + Executioner
Image via Supercell
  • Fireball: To deal damage to a group of incoming troops, and support during an offensive push.
  • Goblin Drill: Offensive unit that can deal great damage to the Safe.
  • Executioner: Heavy support unit that can back the PEKKA, as well as take down multiple troops single-handedly.
  • Knight: Light but an effective tank that will be able to handle some blows from a push, giving time to build an elixir for a counter push.
  • PEKKA: A main man of the team. Solid for offensive pushes.
  • Musketeer: Support unit that can back the Knight in defense to a push. Can support the PEKKA in the offense as well.
  • Tornado: Spell that can be used to support the Executioner. Can be replaced by Mirror or Arrows.
  • Magic Archer: Ranged unit that can deal damage to enemy troops from afar. Ability to support the PEKKA upfront.

3. Magic Archer + Zappies + Giant Skeleton

Average elixir cost: 4.5

Fireball + Goblin Drill + Executioner
Image via Supercell
  • Magic Archer: Deals damage from a distance. Ability to support the offense and also take down a horde of troops while defending. Can be replaced by Dart goblin or Firecracker. 
  • Zappies: Support unit that can deal greatly to help defend the Safe from incoming enemy troops.
  • Giant Skeleton: Offensive unit that can deal unbelievable damage to the Safe. It can also be used for defense to stop an incoming push.
  • Graveyard: Offensive unit that can be devastating to enemies if left unnoticed. Works much better with Giant Skeleton, Inferno Dragon, or Balloon for distraction.
  • Balloon: Offensive air unit that can do great damage to the Safe.
  • Inferno Dragon: Versatile unit that can deal extremely high damage to the Safe, while also being able to take down heavy tanks with ease.
  • Rascals: Defensive unit that helps in protecting the Safe by destroying anything that comes its way.  Can be supported by the Inferno Dragon to counter offensive pushes with heavy tanks. Can be replaced by Dark Prince.
  • Clone: Trump card of the deck that can clone the Giant Skeleton, Balloon, Inferno Dragon, and/or Graveyard when close to the Safe, resulting in massive damage dealt.

Final Thoughts

The Heist game mode in Clash Royale was introduced during the official launch of Brawl Stars, and it has been one of the most fun modes to play. Although it isn’t as intense as the classic games we play on a daily basis, this game mode brings an all-new experience for those players who fancy new modes. With the right set of cards with the appropriate set of abilities, one can emerge victoriously in a game of Heist.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best decks for Heist mode in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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