Clash Royale: 3 Best Skeleton Dragon decks with tips

Dominate the Skeleton Dragon's Reign of Fire event with these decks!

Clash Royale always comes up with exciting and fun-filled events every season. The first special challenge in this new season is a Goblins and Skeletons Event, wherein players can only use spells, Skeletons, and Goblin-themed cards. Post this event, we have another exhilarating Special Challenge coming, The Skeleton Dragon’s Reign of Fire. In this Clash Royale guide, we will tell you about the best Skeleton Dragon decks you can use to win matches in the Skeleton Dragon’s Reign of Fire event. 

Skeleton Dragon’s Reign of Fire event in Clash Royale

The new event begins on June 21 and will have Skeleton Dragons spawning in from both sides of the King Tower to fire the Arena. Heavy tanks such as Golem and Lavahound are highly recommended to use in this event, as Skeleton Dragons can largely support these troops, with their high damage and splash attack. However, there are counterattacks to this as well.

Hence, players are advised to choose their decks according to their usual playstyle, as every deck would have its way of picking up the crown towers. To those who are not sure about their decks, worry not as we have listed down the best three decks to help you win matches in the event. 

Top 5 Skeleton Dragon Decks in Clash Royale

1. Skeleton Dragons + Barb Huts + Barbarians

Average elixir cost: 3.9

Every deck has Skeleton Dragons included so that players can gain an advantage from the auto-spawning Skeleton Dragons at the same time. In this deck, Barb huts can be placed in the middle, to make it act as a defensive unit and allow barbarians to chip some damage to the enemy crown tower.

Clash Royale  Best Decks to win Skeleton Dragon's Reign of Fire event decks
Image via Supercell

The famous combination of Battle Healer and Elixir Golem is the very cards that will be used for the offense. Electro Dragon followed by the Battle Healer and elixir Golem should seal the deal. However, players can rotate for another push with the help of small elixir troops such as the Heal Spirit and the Skeleton Dragons.

2. Skeleton Dragons + Lavahound + Air Troops

Average elixir cost: 4.1 

Clash Royale Best Decks to win Skeleton Dragon's Reign of Fire  decks
Image via Supercell

Another popular combination of Skeleton Dragons is with the Air troops. With the great amount of health in Lavahound, players can send the troop forward to distract the enemy crown tower. Then drop a balloon followed by the Skeleton Dragons, to protect the balloon. Players can utilize the Skeleton Hut and Barbarians for defense. Zap is used to destroy the minions that may destroy the balloon. However, players can always opt for a Log to fight against log bait decks.

3. Barbarian Barrel + Elixir Collector + Lumberjack + Dark Prince

Average elixir cost: 4.5

This could be the best deck on the list, consisting of an extremely solid attack and an effective defensive department. The barbarian barrel plays as a Log and a counter to any light troops at the front. The Elixir Collector fills the meter quicker to allow players to have an Elixir advantage over their enemy at all times since this is a heavy deck.

Clash Royale Skeleton Dragon's Reign of Fire decks

The Lumberjack and Dark Prince can play versatile roles, as they are excellent in the defense and offense. However, the addition of Lumberjack brings a huge advantage to the deck. It can fasten the Golem and its support units to charge towards the tower with the help of his Rage spell.

Final Thoughts 

New and fun events keep coming in Clash Royale as players are awaiting the Skeleton Dragon’s Reign of Fire to grab those hefty rewards. A new mission will be available to complete from June 20. Although the mission may be easy to complete, the rewards, as hinted by the Clash Royale officials, are “something that nobody has ever seen.”

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best decks for the Skeleton Dragon’s Reign of Fire event in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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