Clash Royale: 5 Best Flying Machine decks with tips

Dominate the Clash Fest with these decks!

When it comes to air attacks in Clash Royale, one would see a Flying Machine in almost every deck. Flying Machine is a support unit that deals incredible damage to its enemies. Even though it cannot stay in the arena for a longer period due to its less HP, it contributes a lot by being a strong supportive unit as well as a destructive card in the offense. Being used in a variety of decks, let us now look at the 5 best Flying Machine decks in Clash Royale that make complete use of the card’s potential.

Top 5 Flying Machine decks in Clash Royale

Flying Machine is usually placed behind a group of troops for a massive push, say Golem with Witch, P.E.K.K.A with Wizard, and any such sort of combinations. Even if the primary cards do not damage the tower, the Flying Machine can cover up for the loss as its damage is too expensive to take in once it targets the tower. With the Flying Machine as a boosted card in the current season of Clash Royale, now is the best time for new and lower-ranked players to give this card a try. 

1. Double Elixir Lava

Average Elixir: 4.6

As the name suggests, this deck displays complete dominance in the Double Elixir mode, however, it is equally viable in the classic 1v1 battles as well. Like any other deck that focuses on the air attack, this deck also follows the same strategy.

The Lavahound is the primary tank that is used to extract the opponent’s cards. To support the Lavahound, the Baby Dragon and the Flying Machine are placed to destroy any defensive unit. The Lightning spell can also be used to destroy any buildings or multiple units that cause trouble to the attack.

Clash Royale Flying Machine decks
Image via Supercell

In defense, we have the Goblin Cage as the building to distract tower-targeting units such as Ram Rider, Hog Rider, etc., and the Valkyrie who can single-handedly take down a lot of troops by herself. If the opponent comes with a heavy card, place the Goblin Cage followed by the Inferno Dragon right when the heavy troop crosses the bridge, so that the Inferno Dragon can melt the opponent’s primary unit whilst having some troops to cover the Inferno Dragon.

The Inferno Dragon can be used in the offense as well since it melts anything that comes it’s way, but enough cover must be given to the troop as it can effortlessly take down a tower by itself and it requires a good amount of support to do so.

2. Mega Knight Flying Machine Graveyard Poison

Average Elixir: 3.8

A deck with a promising potential in the offense and even more in the defense, this deck is all about the Mega Knight and the Graveyard for the most part. Use the Mega Knight at the back, place an Ice Golem once the Mega Knight is near the bridge, then get ready for abomination. Place the Graveyard soon after the opponent’s troops are distracted by the Mega Knight, followed by the Poison spell. This, if not defended well, could be lethal to the opponents and give away an easy advantage to the players.

Mega Knight Flying Machine Graveyard Poison
Image via Supercell

However, things could go South when players face a cycle deck. To ensure that doesn’t happen at any cost, have the Mega Knight ready to drop at all times. This can lead to saving a lot of damage from a Hog Rider and other such cards. The Electro Wizard is certainly the best card to counter a Sparky, hence, utilize the card’s strength wisely.

He can also counter the Goblin Barrel if placed timely onto the tower. To protect the tower against other units, simply use the Ice Golem to distract the troops and place the Flying Machine to take them down. The Zap spell can be used at all times to support anywhere during the match.

3. Royal Recruits Hogs Fireball Bait

Average Elixir: 3.9

The deck consists of rather under-used cards, such as the Zappies, Royal Recruits, and the Royal Hogs. But that does not mean that they are unusable either. These cards can split to both sides of the map and pressurize the opponent to protect both towers at once.

The Royal Recruits are a means of distraction to allow their allies to target the tower. Make use of this trait and push forward using the Royal Hogs and the Flying Machine. The use of Fireball is vital as it can take down any unit with moderate HP, and deal a fair amount of damage to the enemy tower.

Clash Royale Flying Machine decks
Inage via Supercell

The Royal Recruits can very well defend the tower by themselves too, and with the help of the Flying Machine, Zappies, and the spells, players will be capable of protecting their tower successfully. With an added defensive unit in Goblin Cage, players will not have to worry about protecting their towers.

4. P.E.K.K.A FM Bridge Spam

Average Elixir: 4.0

The Bridge Spam deck is quite annoying to face, mainly because it forces the players into spending a lot to protect one tower and proceed to get tricked as there will be another push from the other side of the tower. This deck is no different from that. 

The P.E.K.K.A can be used from one side with the Flying Machine and Zappies as its backup. Once the opponent spends all the Elixir to protect the tower, players would have enough elixir to push for the other tower.

Clash Royale Flying Machine decks
Inage via Supercell

Make use of this opportunity by deploying the Bandit and the Battle Ram with the spells as a backup. There should be a lot of damage dealt in either of the towers. The deck has a solid defense at the same time as the likes of P.E.K.K.A Flying Machine that can save a tower comfortably. The Electro Wizard can also be used along with the Bandit and Battle Ram. But it is recommended to save a bit of Elixir for any unexpected attacks.

5. LavaLoon FM

Average Elixir: 4.0

The Flying Machine plays a major role in the famous LavaLoon deck. It provides great support to the Balloon on offense and the towers on defense. Use the classic Lavahound and Balloon to attack the opponent, followed by the Flying Machine and Mega Minion for support. Again, the use of a Fireball can play a major factor in the success rate of the attack, hence, use it with precision.

Clash Royale Flying Machine decks
Image via Supercell

In terms of defense, we have the powerful Valkyrie supported by the flying duo in Mega Minion and Flying Machine that can counter the cycle decks. But players will face trouble in countering the heavy tanks. The Tombstone can be a barrier to pulling troops out of the lane and towards the center. While the Fireball can also be used here to take down the troops with moderate HP that could damage the tower severely if left as it is.

Final Thoughts

It is a great time to start learning or master the use of the Flying Machine. It is a boosted card and can benefit players of all levels to understand its maximum strength. Its versatile usage displays a lot of different play styles across different decks, and it is highly recommended for players to try the above decks to understand the methods of using the Flying Machine.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best Flying Machine decks in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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