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COD Mobile Counterattack Event guide: Everything you need to know

Call Of Duty Mobile has been enjoying great success lately with the new seasons bringing some of the biggest updates of the year for the players across the world. This popular action-packed game celebrated two years of global release on October 1st, 2021 with the 2nd Anniversary update. A host of new features, maps, and events has been added to the game this season. One such event is the “Counterattack Event”. In this article, we have provided all the details about the COD Mobile Counterattack Event.

What is the Counterattack Event in COD Mobile

Counterattack is the latest special event in the game which is all about launching offensives on the forces belonging to the Five Knights who have occupied Isolated. This event is all about sending different operators on different matches that directly tie into the new Blackout map.

There are NPCs in the game for the first time now and all of them are operators found in different parts of Blackout with different tasks for you (and your squad at times) that will allow you to recruit them for missions in Counterattack. Every mission that you complete successfully gives you Honor points that are used for all the free rewards that the game has to offer.

All about Operators and Tasks in the Counterattack event

Special Ops 1, Seraph, and Rosa are the operators you start out with in this event. But to go on multiple missions or increase your odds of success on a mission, you’ll have to unlock other operators as well. There are 16 operators in total including the default operators you will be going in. As mentioned before, they’re all spread out in Blackout with different assignments for you.

COD Mobile Counterattack event guide
COD Mobile Counterattack event mission main screen

Every time you get close enough to an operator, a yellow indicator on the minimap will let you know where they are. You also need Military Equipment, which you also earn from playing the Battle Royale mode at Blackout. Depending on the skill level of the operator you assign to a task, you might get the standard Honor from completing the task and also some Bonus Honor for doing a little better. Moreover, depending on their color (green, blue, purple), there might be more valuable than the other operators.  

COD Mobile Counterattack event guide
COD Mobile Counterattack event guide

However, remember that the tasks listed are divided into individual tasks and team tasks and you don’t have to recruit the operators in any particular order. Some tasks have time limits. Flight Training tasks are mostly easy and for Drag Race, stick to the road and avoid getting into any gunfights to prevent damage to the car. Don’t go too fast and keep good control over the car. For missions that require you to hand in supplies, look around in the close vicinity of the operator since you don’t have to go too far to find the required items.

Individual Tasks

Ghost (Flight Training)

Standing next to an unfinished building at Construction Site, Ghost will assign you to fly through 3 objectives (the yellow holograms in the shape of the COD Mobile symbol) with the help of your wingsuit, which will complete your assignment.

Alias (Drag Race)

Alias will also be found at the Construction Site. When you go up to her, you will be tasked with an assignment for you to drive a muscle car parked nearby to a given objective within 2 minutes while making sure its health stays above 90%

Price (Drag Race)

Waiting for you at the Train Station, Captain Price also wants you to drive a muscle car parked nearby to a given objective while keeping its health above 90%. Just like Alias, Price will also give you only 2 minutes for this objective as well.

Urban Tracker (Mark Supply Box)

The next operator in the list, Urban Tracker can be found close to Firing Range, where she will be standing out in the open. The assignment she will be giving you is to mark 5 supply boxes (red, silver, green) within 10 minutes.

Merc 5 (Hand in Supplies)

Merc 5 can be found standing close to a barn in Ghost Town. He needs some supplies as a part of the assignment, the list of which is as follows:

  • 1 Small Armor Repair
  • 1 Full Armor Repair
  • 20 Shotgun Ammo Rounds
  • 20 Sniper Ammo Rounds

Your task is that you will have to deliver these to him after collecting them on the Blackout map.

Adler (Flight Training)

Adler would be hanging out by one of the decks at Hydro Dam’s top. He wants you to fly through 3 objectives with the ejection device.

Alex (Mark Supply Box)

Alex can be found at Factory close to the rail tracks. Just like Urban Tracker, he also wants you to mark 5 supply boxes and upon successful marking, the assignment will be done.

Scylla (Hand in Supplies)

Waiting for you outside at the gas station, Scylla also needs some supplies like Merc 5 which are as follows:

  • 2 full armor repairs
  • 60 Rounds of Heavy Ammo
  • 60 Rounds of Light Ammo

Your task is that you will have to deliver these to him after collecting them on the Blackout map.

Outrider (Drag Race)

Standing close to a truck at Turbine, Outrider will assign with a task where you have to take part in a Drag Race as well. The rules are the same for all the players. Drive the muscle car to the objective within 2 minutes and keep its health about 90%.

Manta Ray (Flight Training)

Manta Ray wants you to engage in flight training again. Just fly through 3 objectives with the help of the ejection device. This one is a little trickier than the previous ones so you’ll have to fly around more carefully.

Team Tasks

You don’t necessarily have to do these tasks with help from your teammates but doing them together will increase efficiency. With the zone closing in, you don’t have much time. The number of kills depends on whether you playing solo, duos, or squad

Charly (Weapon Master)

Work with your teammates or alone on killing 1/2/3 (depending on the number of teammates) with the shotgun to prove your skills.

Domino (Weapon Master)

Domino too has a task similar to Charly’s except you have to kill 1/2/3 enemies with a marksman rifle on your own or with your team.

Soap (Weapon Master)

Like the other 2 tasks, take out 1/2/3 but with a sniper rifle alone or with help from your teammates.

With that, you have recruited all 13 soldiers. With each task completed another operator joined your ranks and you also got some rewards in-game.

Completing all these tasks might take a while but as soon as you have your operators, assign each of them to a mission. Some missions require more or fewer operators than others and each mission takes some time. A mission report at the end of the mission will inform you of your operators’ performance.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Counterattack event guide helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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