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COD Mobile Grind Mode Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Grind your way to the top!

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 has arrived a couple of days back. A host of new features, maps, and modes has added to the game. One such feature is the Grind mode. Grind may be a brand new mode in Call of Duty Mobile, but it’s an old classic from the COD franchise. In this article, we have provided all the details about the COD Mobile Grind Mode.

What is Grind Mode in COD Mobile

Grind is a game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now, it’s made the jump to COD Mobile as well. The mode is a blend between Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint with a key emphasis on objective-based play. The more tags the player collects, the more points added to the team score.

COD Mobile Grind Mode

There are two objectives for all teams. The player starts off with one tag and when they kill another player, they drop however many tags they hold. If the player picks up their tag, the number of tags that the player has increases as well. When the player enters an objective, they cash in the tags they have.

Sometimes, it proves to be a difficult task trying to be on top of everyone in a match. So here are our best tips to help you stack up more and more wins in Grind mode.

COD Mobile Grind Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on banking a smaller number of tags

Yes, that is what you should do. Though the more tags the player collects, the more points are added to the team score, but sometimes going after this objective may cost you the match.  Sure, going on a spree and collecting 10 tags at a time might be a good start to the match, but it is not the best way out!

COD Mobile Grind Mode

If you are on a collection spree and die near the enemy base, you have already done the main job for them. All of the tags you’ve collected over time drop at their feet for an easy deposit. Instead, you should focus on smaller amounts. Find a handful of tags and head back to your objective marker as often as you can.

2. Having a good Position is important in Grind mode

Always keep your positioning in mind while playing this mode. Controlling the middle of the map is key. Pick up tags where you can before running back to base. Pushing too far out could leave you out in the open and let your life go in vain. 

COD Mobile Grind Mode

Rather than just focusing on collecting tags, your goal for the match could be to simply prevent the enemy team from banking their objectives. As a result, you’ll have to position yourself close to the enemy base. Shoot down enemies as they look to deposit on their targets. They’ll have to focus on taking you out before they can safely gather any further points.

3. Picking SMGs is the best option

Finally, your loadout of choice is absolutely vital. Having a Sniper with you while collecting tags is not a very wise thing to do. You need to be wary of what you’re using in this mode.

COD Mobile Grind Mode

SMGs should be upfront leading the charge when it comes to picking up tags. You can do well with the AGR 556 after equipping a few attachments. Meanwhile, ARs can often be further back towards the base protecting allies and shutting down opposing players. The same can be said for snipers in this role as well.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Grind Mode article helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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