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COD Warzone Mobile: Top 5 best Lightmachine guns (LMGs) in the game

Time to power up your LMGs!

The variety of weapons available for players to try out has always been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and COD Warzone Mobile is no exception. Among the different kinds of weapons available in the game, Lightmachine guns (LMGs) have dominated the COD Warzone Mobile meta for a long time and continue to do so even now. Out of the wide range of LMG weapons, here we offer you the “Best Lightmachine guns (LMGs) in COD Warzone Mobile” that can surely help you go on a long-lasting win streak.

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What are the best Lightmachine guns (LMGs) in COD Warzone Mobile

Large, powerful firearms known as “light-machine guns” sacrifice mobility for incredible firepower in COD Warzone Mobile. They often have enormous magazine capacities, rapid firing rates, and large-caliber ammunition, which makes them excellent for shooting through doors and thin walls. So here’s all about the best Lightmachine guns LMGs in COD Warzone Mobile.

1. RPK

The RPK stands out as arguably the top LMG in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. With its design inspired by the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, this drum-fed monster embodies the same rugged styling and robust handling. It’s essentially a machine gun version of the AK-47, with every aspect beefed up and over the top.

COD Warzone Mobile best Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

The RPK boasts flat stats across the board, making it an incredibly flexible weapon. It can serve as a reliable medium-range support weapon, while also proving effective in close combat situations. However, the RPK does have its Achilles’ heel: its low ammo count. With a drum mag that holds 75 rounds and just 75 rounds in reserve, ammo conservation becomes critical when wielding this powerhouse.


The SAKIN MG38 is a belt-fed LMG equipped with a short-stroke gas piston, resulting in a high rate of fire and decent recoil control. With a 100-round magazine and 100 rounds in reserve, this LMG can unleash a higher volume of rounds downrange compared to any other LMG in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. However, there is a downside: the SAKIN MG38 is best suited for entrenched positions rather than mobile gameplay.

COD Warzone Mobile best Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

With low mobility and handling, the design ethos of the SAKIN MG38 is aimed at providing support from a secure firing position. Its range and accuracy are optimized for medium-range combat, making it most effective in situations where LMG users need to hold down a position rather than maneuver across the map.


The RAPP H is a solid performer in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, capable of serving as both a support weapon and for quickly taking down opponents. While it doesn’t excel in any particular area, its respectable fire rate and damage result in good sustained DPS. However, its recoil control is less than stellar, so burst firing is recommended.

WZM Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

When it comes to mobility and handling, the RAPP H falls short, making it unsuitable for run-and-gun style gameplay. Despite this drawback, it carries a respectable amount of ammo, with a 75-round magazine and a whopping 150 rounds in reserve. Overall, while not the best LMG in the game, the RAPP H is a versatile option that can be used effectively in most situations.


The RAAL MG behaves more like a single-person version of a crew-manned machine gun. Equipped with a reciprocating barrel, this LMG significantly reduces recoil, allowing players to unleash a rapid stream of 7.62mm ammunition with ease.

COD Warzone Mobile best Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

With good range and accuracy for an LMG, the RAAL MG excels in medium-range combat and remains somewhat effective at long-range. However, its large size results in low handling and mobility. Players wielding the RAAL MG are best suited to stationary positions, as this weapon encourages them to set up in entrenched positions and provide supporting fire for their team. It’s not a weapon designed for hip firing, but rather for controlled bursts aimed at dominating the battlefield.

5. HCR 56

The HCR 556 stands out as the only bullpup format LMG available in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. Its bullpup design offers a significant advantage, allowing for a longer barrel while maintaining a shorter overall length, resulting in high accuracy compared to other LMGs.

WZM Lightmachine guns LMGs
Image via Activision

Equipped with a forward grip, the HCR 556 boasts excellent handling, mobility, and great recoil control, making repositioning with the LMG much safer. While its range is respectable, players shouldn’t expect rifle-level accuracy at distances beyond medium range. Overall, the HCR 556 handles much like an oversized assault rifle.

However, the downside of this machine gun is its low ammo reserve, featuring a 60-round magazine with just 60 rounds in reserve. Despite this drawback, the HCR 556 proves to be a versatile and effective weapon on the battlefield.

What is your opinion about the Top 5 best Lightmachine guns (LMGs) in COD Warzone Mobile? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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