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COD Warzone Mobile Guide: Tips to upgrade your guns quickly

The best ways to upgrade your guns in Warzone Mobile!

It goes without saying in a first-person shooter game, guns are the most essential component that a player can utilize in a match and Warzone Mobile is no exception. In COD Warzone Mobile, upgrading guns unlock more attachments that you can fit on it as per your choice, thereby allowing you to customize your gun and tailor it to suit your gameplay. Here in this article, we will take a look at how you can upgrade your guns swiftly in the game and customize your favorite guns in COD Warzone Mobile.

How to upgrade guns in COD Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile has a vast collection of guns, with more than enough choices for you to pick out the gun that suits you, therefore using that gun as a primary. But with the shifting meta in FPS games, it might become a chore for players to upgrade the vast number of guns in the game to keep up with the said meta. Therefore, to quickly upgrade your guns in Warzone Mobile, there are two tips you can follow.

1. Take full advantage of Double XP events in the game

Warzone Mobile offers its players a chance to explore and play various modes and maps in its multiplayer and battle royale sections. Double XP events are when playing a specific mode or map in Warzone Mobile grants players twice the amount of XP that you can gain from a normal match, therefore accelerating your efforts to upgrade the gun you want to customize.

Warzone Mobile double xp
Image via Activision

Thus, as a player, you should keep an eye out for any such events as they generally come unannounced and last for a limited time. You should play as many of them and muster up enough XP in the duration of the event.

2. Using Double XP tokens

Earning Double XP tokens in Warzone Mobile to upgrade your gun is simple, just play more matches and engage in activities in the game. Grinding the game and playing to level up gives Double XP tokens as a gift.

Double XP token Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Also when leveling up your Battle Pass, certain stages of the free as well as paid Battlepass grant you the required tokens to customize your gun and make it complement your gameplay. You can also link your Activision account with YouTube in the game, and then use the in-game portal to watch Call Of Duty League esports matches, doing this will grant you free XP tokens as well.

3. Play Warzone Mobile consistently to upgrade your Guns

The last and most surefire option to level up your guns is to just play the game consistently and grind for the weapon customization of your choice. Play matches daily and you will find yourself making steady progress towards unlocking your preferred kit of attachments for your gun.

Playing more matches with good in-game stats makes your progress even swifter, and therefore Multiplayer modes might be your choice as you can play multiple multiplayer matches in the time it takes you to complete one battle-royale match.

Final Thoughts

Warzone Mobile is Activision’s latest release, and as such is still in its infancy. Therefore this is the perfect time to grind towards the game upgrade your accessories and get ahead of the curve before more players join the game to get an upper hand over them. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the events mentioned in the article and play consistently to get the in-game XP as well as get XP tokens from completing certain in-game milestones.

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We hope that you find this article useful and utilize the in-game rewards and gifts to maximize your gun’s potential. All while being a consistent player to not miss out on any XP offered.

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