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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Best Epic alternatives for Ancients and Legendaries

Use these Cookies for a change!

The Ancients and Legendaries are undoubtedly some of the best cookie characters in the game; however, they can be pretty hard to obtain. While you collect Ancient soulstones in Arena Medal Shop and Legendary soulstones in Rainbow Seashell Gallery, in the meantime you can use Epic Cookie alternatives instead in Cookie Run Kingdom. This Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Best Epic Alternatives for Ancients and Legendaries will help you to ramp up your game.

Dark Cacao Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Dark Cacao is the newest Ancient Cookie, and he’s used in a lot of meta Arena comps. He provides a lot of useful debuffs, like his 15% DEF decrease for enemies, the Injury debuff (decreases enemy’s HP by 25%), and the Zap debuff, which cancels out HP shields and provides damage over time. However, since he’s so new, a lot of players don’t have him yet. If you’re looking for alternatives in Cookie Run Kingdom, check out:

dark choco cookie
Image via Devsisters

Dark Choco Cookie is Dark Cacao’s son, so it makes sense that they have a similar skill. Like Dark Cacao, this cookie applies AOE damage and decreases the DEF of all enemies within the range. What’s more, he actually has a stronger DEF decrease, since his skill lowers DEF by 20% and Dark Cacao only lowers DEF by 15%. The drawback is that Dark Choco doesn’t provide other debuffs. While Dark Choco isn’t used as much in the arena, he’s actually used a lot more than Dark Cacao against bosses and in guild battles.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Like Dark Cacao, Twizzly‘s skill also applies the Zap effect, so she’s good if you want to counter Eclair or Pure Vanilla’s HP shields in the arena. She also deals decent AOE damage. When using her, remember that she needs Juicy Apple Jelly to increase her CRIT chance. Other methods to increase CRIT are to add the Grim-looking Scythe treasure to your team or to use cookies that help with CRIT chance, like Sparkling Cookie (also works as a healer) or Mala Sauce Cookie (a tank with a more offensive side).

Frost Queen Cookie (
Image via Devsisters

Providing great damage and a two-second freeze that even halts enemy cookies’ skill cooldowns, Frost Queen is a great cookie to use in Arena and in story-mode too. She can be used for her freezing utility (if you want her to freeze more often, apply Swift Chocolate toppings on her) or as a damage dealer (use a full Raspberry set instead).

Latte Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom Ancients and Legendaries
Image via Devsisters

Basically, an Epic version of Frost Queen, except she doesn’t freeze; instead, she uses coffee magic and applies a Silence debuff on enemies, immobilizing them. She also casts a circle on the battlefield, and the closer the enemies are to the circle of it, the more damage they receive. Latte Cookie can use either Swift Chocolate toppings or Searing Raspberries.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cooldown Guide Cookies with 14 second cooldowns (first skill starts at 4 sec)
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Another cookie that stops enemies in their tracks, Kumiho‘s skill charms up to five enemies, distracting them for 2 seconds, and decreasing their DEF by 20% for 8 seconds. Another great thing about Kumiho is that they deal a lot of damage, providing both offensive and defensive aspects to your cookie team. Kumiho is a common cookie to find in Arena and is one of the main cookies in the Kumiscam comp. They’re also amazing characters to use in the alliance.

Hollyberry Cookie
Image via Devsisters

One of the best tanks in the game, Hollyberry keeps your team safe by shoving all enemies in a certain range and then using her DMG Focus skill. This skill absorbs 20% of the damage received by your other cookies, protecting them. While Dark Cacao is the more offensive front, Hollyberry is a more reliable option if your main goal is survivability.

Strawberry Crepe‘s skill adds 50%  DMG Resist to the two cookie allies with the lowest max HP; this is especially helpful since a lot of the more offensive cookies in the game have low health and can die quickly if you’re unlucky. Examples of fragile cookies are Frost Queen Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, and Eclair Cookie.

strawberry crepe cookie
Image via Devsisters

Strawberry Crepe is sometimes preferred by other players since Hollyberry’s skill can cause them to die if they’re taking up too much damage from your other cookies, while Crepe’s skill just applies an extra layer of defense with no drawback. However, Crepe is a lot harder to use toppings on, since they require at least 22.3% CD (including set bonus) to be effective, and this requires getting lucky in topping substats.

Milk Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom Ancients and Legendaries
Image via Devsisters

Milk has a more similar skill to Hollyberry than Crepe; his skill consists of using the Taunt effect, which forces enemies to attack him instead for 5 seconds, meanwhile decreasing all incoming damage by 50%. This leaves your other cookies unscathed! Use a set of Whole Almonds on him since he needs to be able to tank a lot of damage without getting defeated.

Sea Fairy Cookie
Image via Devsisters

One of the longest mainstays in Arena, Sea Fairy is undoubtedly one of the highest damage dealers in the game, targeting up to 5 enemies with massive damage, and stunning them too, leaving them defenseless to your other cookies’ attacks.

Black Raisin is great for crowd control, and one of the best Epic AOE attackers in the game. She tends to go for the spot in the enemy team with the most enemies, so she can easily clear up weaker enemies and significantly lower the health of the stronger ones.

black raisin cookie
Image via Devsisters

What’s more, unlike Sea Fairy, she’s actually good for bosses too, since her damage can be concentrated to just one enemy if there aren’t any other visible ones. Put a lot of Searing Raspberries on her so she can use her highest damage output.

Cookies with 13 second cooldowns
(Image via Devsisters)

If you want to get Sea Fairy for her stuns, then Tiger Lily is a good alternative while you collect Sea Fairy’s soulstones from the Rainbow Shell Gallery. Run a lot of Swift Chocolate toppings on her so she can keep stunning the enemies while your other attackers do their job. Note that Tiger Lily is mostly supported by your team, and doesn’t do a lot of damage on her own.

Cherry Bomb Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom Ancients and Legendaries
Image via Devsisters

While she’s not an Epic cookie, she’s considered one of the best Rare cookies in the game, since she’s essentially a Rare version of Sea Fairy, and this makes her a common pick for Tower Of Sweet Chaos trays where you have a limit on the number of Epic cookies you can have in your team. Her being Rare cookies makes her a great starter cookie for beginners, since she’s got a higher drop rate than Epic Cookies.

Pure Vanilla Cookie
Image via Devsisters

The best healer cookie in the game, Pure Vanilla heals cookies by a higher amount than any other healer or support, and provides an HP shield for all allies, even summoned creatures! Another benefit to using PV is his burst healing. He heals the full amount instantly, while other healing cookies heal gradually over time. The best Epic alternatives for him in Cookie Run Kingdom are:

While Cream Puff Cookie technically has the lowest drop-rate in the game, she gets easier to get the more you progress. Since she can be received from the Guild Gacha, where you can draw every time you get Torches from defeating the guild dragon, players who are in high-ranked guilds that consistently beat dragons are sure to get a copy of her in a guild season, or at least a lot of her soulstones.

Cream Puff Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom Ancients and Legendaries
Image via Devsisters

To use her effectively, you have to put Juicy Apple Jelly toppings on her (all maxed; make sure to use Epic toppings instead of Rares or Commons) and add Grim-looking Scythe to your list of treasures. The usefulness of her skill relies heavily on her attack doing CRIT damage, so you’d want to increase her CRIT chances as much as you can. When maxed, Cream Puff can even outheal Pure Vanilla; however, this is only when her skill does CRIT damage; if you’re unlucky and her skill just performs normally, her heals are a lot lower.

While they’re both great supports and can heal teams on their own with no problem, using them both in the same team is especially powerful, with Cotton’s stuns and summoned creatures, plus Parfait’s 40% debuff resist!

parfait cookie
Image via Devsisters

They’re a common duo to find in Arena, and a lot of players choose them instead of Pure Vanilla due to the 3 Ancients or Legendaries team limit. Using them both makes you heal your entire team quickly, and all you’ll have to do is attack the enemies while you barely feel any damage.

cotton cookie
Image via Devsisters

Both of them use Swift Chocolate toppings; the more cooldown they have, the better since you’d want them to constantly support your team. If you’re using them for Arena, try to get as many DMG Resist substats on their toppings so they’ll have great survivability too.

eclair cookie
eclair cookie

While he’s not a healer cookie, his HP shields are really helpful and can work as an alternative to Pure Vanilla’s HP shields. He’s a more offensive cookie than the others, since his skill’s damage increases a lot the more you upgrade him, and he can even be more effective to use than Sea Fairy or Frost Queen, which are Legendary cookies. After defeating an enemy, he puts up HP shields for your whole team, providing a defensive aspect to your comp.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Best Epic Alternatives for Ancients and Legendaries? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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