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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Living Abyss Boss

Beat the Living Abyss Boss easily with these steps!

Guild Battle is an important game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom since it gives you weekly rewards. The higher ranked your guild is, the better rewards you’ll get. However, it’s hard to be in a high-ranked guild if you don’t do enough damage to the bosses. One of the bosses in Guild Battle is the Living Abyss Boss, and here are some tips on how to fight it in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It’s recommended to have the following cookies for this boss: Dark Cacao Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, and Cherry Blossom Cookie) at least level 50, but it’s more efficient if you have your cookies at the maxed level (Level 70).

Treasures for this comp are Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Grim-Looking Scythe, and Squishy Jelly Watch. Your Scythe and Watch treasures have to be maxed for you to use this comp. Espresso Cookie should also have at least Level 10 Magic Candy for it to work. You can easily craft Espresso’s candy ingredients from the Magic Laboratory, where you can craft Cookie Resonants and Arcane Sugar Crystals.

Timing is the Key

This comp needs specific timings so you can get the best amount of damage. When you enter the match, make sure your Auto button is off. Make sure to cast Pomegranate Cookie’s skill as soon as possible, since her 30% ATK boost is beneficial to the team. As soon as you see the boss, you should cast Dark Cacao, Cherry Blossom, Espresso, and Frost Queen all at the same time.

You have to be quick, and tap all the skills as soon as the boss comes into view. Afterward, cast Pomegranate Cookie’s skill again. After some time, your cookies would have their skills ready again. However, only cast Pomegranate and Cherry Blossom when their skills are ready. Espresso and Frost Queen will have their skills ready too but don’t cast them yet.

Living Abyss Boss How to time
Image via Devsisters

Keep an eye on the battle’s countdown timer. When the timer reads “0:40cast Espresso Cookie. (Sometimes, Espresso Cookie might get stunned by the boss. This is fine; just wait until Espresso isn’t stunned anymore.) You can then cast Frost Queen, and tap Auto. After this, the rest of the cookies should be able to be cast on time, and you can just sit back and let the cookies attack the boss until the timer runs out.

While it might be tempting to just spam the cookie skills as soon as you can, these timings are important! If you cast Espresso or Frost Queen before the “0:40” mark, the Living Abyss goes into a rage and produces a high damage attack that wipes out your cookies before the run is over. You should be able to deal at least 30 million damage to the Living Abyss, and more if you have higher bonds, cookie promotion/ascensions, guild buffs, or Scroll level.

Toppings for Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an important cookie in this comp since her heels help keep the team alive. The boss has minions that will constantly attack your cookies, so it’s important that she’s casting her skill as frequently as possible.

Image via Devsisters

She requires a full Swift Chocolate set, and needs a high cooldown substat, with at least 27-28% cooldown being recommended. (this is including the Topping Set effect; without the effect, the topping substat would show “22 – 23%”). Try to get as many DMG Resist substats as you can on her.

Toppings for Espresso

Espresso is one of the best AOE attackers in the game, so he’s the best cookie for this team. You can try to use alternatives such as Clotted Cream Cookie or Sea Fairy Cookie, but you won’t have the same results. Espresso is an Epic cookie, so getting him from the Mileage Shop is easy. It’s highly recommended to have a full Searing Raspberry set with as many ATK and CRIT substats as possible. Since he’s the main damage dealer in this comp, you should make sure he has the best Raspberry set out of the rest.

Espresso Cookie Run Kingdom Living Abyss Boss
Image via Devsisters

Another thing to note is that Espresso is a fragile cookie, so DMG Resist substats on him are necessary. You should aim for at least 20% DMG Resist, with more being better. He also needs cooldown substats, since you want him to cast as frequently as possible.

As you go to higher levels of Living Abyss, it’s better to use full Whole Almonds on Espresso if he’s not surviving in your matches. A smaller amount of damage to the boss (but a sturdier build) is more important than a high amount of damage with a high chance of messing up a Guild Battle run!

Toppings for Frost Queen

Frost Queen Cookie Run Kingdom Living Abyss Boss
Image via Devsisters

Frost Queen is your second-highest damage dealer, so it’s recommended that you use Searing Raspberries with her as well. Like Espresso, she’s from the Magic class so she tends to be a little frail. However, getting good DMG Resist substats (20%+) on her should help do the trick. Some Cooldown stats are good, but not necessary.When your guild goes to higher levels of Living Abyss (usually around level 17 and up), it’s better to use full Whole Almonds.

Toppings for Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Image via Devsisters

Cherry Blossom also uses full Raspberry. If you have good CRIT Damage Landmarks and Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades, you can try a full CRIT build for her as well. Since she helps provide constant ATK buffs for the team and works similarly to support, you want her to have a high cooldown stat. You’ll need at least an 8% cooldown on her. Unlike Espresso and Frost Queen, DMG Resist isn’t as necessary since she dodges the enemy attacks from time to time, due to her being an Ambush class.

Toppings for Dark Cacao

Dark Cacao Cookie Run Kingdom Living Abyss Boss
Image via Devsisters

Dark Cacao does the least amount of damage in the team, but he’s still important since he provides a DEF Decrease debuff as well. There’s no specific cooldown requirement for him, so you can just use your spare Searing Raspberry toppings (or Whole Almond toppings on higher levels). It would be good to have some ATK or CRIT substats on him, but in the end, it won’t contribute a high amount to your overall damage, so it’s fine if you have 0 of these substats for his build.

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