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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to use the Crunchy Chip Cookie

Tips to use the Crunchy Chip Cookie efficiently in the game!

A new epic cookie has been released in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Crunchy Chip Cookie is a popular choice for Arena and Guild Battle game modes. So if you haven’t pulled for him yet, then you should now. His featured gacha banner has an increased chance of getting him. However, if you’re lucky, you can get him from the normal banner too. Soulstones for him might also pop up in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time.

If you want to get him, this is your best chance, since he won’t be available in the Mileage Shop for at least an update or two. If you have a lot of crystals saved up, try getting multiple copies of him in the featured banner so you can get some promotion rewards for him.

Crunchy Chip works oppositely to Tea Knight; While the main goal for Tea Knight is for him to be the last one to die in your team, the opposite is true for Crunchy Chip. What you want to happen is for him to die first. When he dies first, he can unlock his special ability, and his summoned creatures rage and deal heavy amounts of damage to the enemy team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie
Image via Devsisters

He is another type of summoner cookie, and this makes him a great cookie to use in Summoner Comps. A popular structure of this comp is Crunchy Chip CookiePumpkin Pie CookieCotton Cookie, and Oyster Cookie. The fifth cookie is up to you to choose, and common cookies to include are Snow Sugar Cookie (this makes for a five summoner comp!), Frost Queen Cookie, Parfait Cookie, and Sorbet Shark Cookie.

Cookie Run Crunchy Chip Cookie
Image via Devsisters

The Summoner Comp is one of the current Arena meta. You can see them all over your arena refresh list especially if you’re in Masters 3 or up. Crunchy serves as the main attacker in this team. The other summoned creatures serve as shields to protect other cookies, making the team-high in both defense and offense.

Crunchy is generally a good cookie to use against most teams. He has a great synergy with other summoner cookies, which lets him use his powerful attacks for a longer and more reliable duration. However, he’s on the fragile side for a front-line cookie and can be vulnerable to cookies with heavy burst damage, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Frost Queen Cookie.

Another cookie to watch out for is Clotted Cream Cookie. Since Clotted Cream always attacks the front-most cookie and there’s a guarantee that Crunchy is always at the front because he charges forward as soon as he starts his skill. Clotted Cream’s Light Cage skill will push Crunchy to the back of your team, and since Crunchy Chip uses melee damage you’d be at a disadvantage.

Generally, Crunchy Chip Cookie uses either Searing Raspberry, Juicy Apple Jelly, or Whole Almonds.

1. Searing Raspberry

If you’re planning on using Crunchy for the arena, then Searing Raspberry toppings is the way to go. Using a full Searing Raspberry topping set on Crunchy Chip Cookie lets him have the strongest attacks possible. It’s recommended that you have no DMG Resist substats on him since you want him to use his special ability as soon as possible. Also, he deals the most damage when he “dies” and his wolves take over for him.

Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Searing Raspberry
Image via Devsisters

If you’re facing a team with Clotted Cream, you’d want to get at least 20% DMG Resist on him to make sure he survives Clotted Cream’s initial attack. Otherwise, he can survive the first round of enemy attacks with no DMG Resist.

2. Juicy Apple Jelly

Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie
Image via Devsisters

While Searing Raspberry is the better option for beginners, as you progress through the game you unlock several landmarks and Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades. If you have the CRIT DMG Landmark and Laboratory upgrades at a high level, then a full set of Juicy Apple Jelly would be a better option for you since you’d be dealing almost twice the damage you’d have with Searing Raspberry. If you’re not sure which set is better for you, you can experiment with both options.

3. Whole Almonds

While using a whole Whole Almond set isn’t recommended, if you’re using this cookie for Guild Battle then you’d want to put a Whole Almond topping or two in your build. You can use Crunchy Chip in “solos“, consisting of attempting to beat a whole dragon level with just one guild member.

Crunchy is typically used for Level 20 to Level 40 dragons. It’s recommended that you get at least 30 DMG Resist on him since you want him to survive a little when fighting the dragon for his ATK SPD decrease debuff.

Since Crunchy Chip is an attacker, these substats would be good to have on him including ATK, CRIT, and Dmg Resist (for certain arena or guild battle teams).

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run: Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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