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Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans Event Guide and Tips

Get more rewards from this exciting event!

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a new event, titled “Shroomie Shenanigans Event” which expires on April 13, 2022 (GMT +9:00). The Shroomie Shenanigans Event consists of doing missions and pranking the cookies with Rainbow Shroomies. This is a unique event since you can change the visuals of cookies you own for a limited time, unlike other events where you just get normal rewards. In this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide, we shall provide you with the tips and tricks for having a great Shroomie Shenanigans Event.

Tips for clearing the missions

Here are some tips players can follow for clearing the event missions with ease:

  • A total of 39 missions are available, and they consist of doing different kinds of tasks, like using specific cookies in bounties, adventure stages, and balloons (for example, Rye Cookie and Chili Pepper Cookie) or using a certain cookie to produce materials and goods (one of them requires you to use Wizard Cookie to cook 30 Sweet Jelly Jams). Since some of the cookies required in the missions are Epic Cookies, beginners might have a hard time completing all the missions. Beginners can claim around 15 missions in this event.
  • Note that the event doesn’t allow the use of Time Jumpers; if you use the right cookies but use a Time Jumper to clear the stage, it would be a waste of stamina jellies since it wouldn’t count.
  • To clear the balloon missions easily, be sure to set the balloon on World 1. This has the shortest exploration length, so you’ll be able to save some time.
  • At a given time, you’ll only have 5 missions that you can try to complete. The next mission only gets unlocked when you finish one of your current missions. You should only focus on the missions you can do at the moment since trying to do some progress with the “locked” missions would be a waste.
  • You can see what the next missions are ahead of time, so plan ahead. Save your topping pieces (“Attempt to Upgrade a Topping 20 times”), Searing Keys (“Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos Trays 3 times”), and Stamina Jellies (“Clear any Dark Mode Stage 10 times”) for the missions that would require them.
  • For the mission that requires you to win five “Revenge” battles in Arena, you can set up a low defense team so you can bait weaker teams to fight you, and then fight them back for an easy victory.

Transforming your Cookies

After completing an event mission, you’ll receive one to three shoomies as a reward. This is when the fun part starts: You can then feed these to your cookies and unlock a new look for them. The art style for each cookie differs. For example, Sea Fairy, Frost Queen, Cream Puff, and Eclair have anime-inspired looks, while other cookies such as Dark Cacao, Espresso, and Sorbet Shark have fun and goofy drawings.

Shroomie Shenanigans selection
Shroomie Shenanigans – Transforming Cookies

Most of the cookies can be fed shroomies, with the exception of Sonic and Tails Cookie, since they were limited-time cookies that were only available at the Sonic Event.

You get a small reward for feeding a cookie. The reward you get is random, so it doesn’t matter what the rarity or level of the cookie is. Examples of rewards include XP jelly, materials, and high-quality goods that you can trade at the Trading Harbor.

Sea Fairy Cookie info
Sea Fairy Cookie – Give Shroomie option

The effect is purely cosmetic, and can only be seen from the Cookies tab. It also doesn’t show up in normal gameplay. The “Shroomie Effect” can be switched off anytime in the individual cookie’s tab.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans Event Rewards

Cookie Run Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans event
Cookie Run Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans event rewards

A total of 50 shroomies can be claimed in this event, and you’ll get rewards for feeding a lot of them to your cookies. The most notable rewards are the limited edition profile picture, 500 rainbow cubes (used in the Costume Gacha to gain new costumes for your cookies), and the special picture frame given to you for completing the event. The Magic Cookie Cutters are also great for pulling on the featured banner if you’re low on crystals. Also to note, the final missions also have additional stories at the end, so be sure to try to complete the event!

Hope you find this Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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